Familia Tattoo American Tattoo Tour


We are stoked to have all our dates confirmed for our American Tattoo Tour, we gonna start at “Paradise Tattoo Gathering” it’s gonna be a seminar, learning with our favourite artists. Then we off to New York to tattoo. Louis is guesting at “Inborn Tattoo” and Joe will be guesting at “Tattoo Culture”. It’s gonna be really good for us to get out of our comfort zone, meet new artists, learn new ideas and bring back to our studio, new knowledge, witch it will result to a better tattoo to our clients. Keep an eye open for updates of the tour here on Familia Tattoo blog. Thank you!

Sugar Skull by Louis


It was Andy’s first tattoo, we had an awesome experience. He was a bit nervous, but we managed to do it. It is great to get first timers who are on their 40’s, it shows how there’s no age to start to get tattooed. Thank you Andy, we hope to see you again.

Skuller cover up by @artofgallo

Sophie came to me with a tattoo she wanted covering up with a skull designs, I couldn’t really use a full skull because I needed to use the darkest area of the skull and largest (this been the open skull mouth). So i came up with an idea to use the top half of the skulls jaw to cover up the star. We will be adding a rose to this piece also. skulls are always super fun and organic to do, most of the the time i don’t look at much reference i just use my own shapes and textures. @artofgallo