New Hanya Mask Oil Painting by Louis


I’m in love with oil painting, i fell like I have finally found a medium that I can stick to, it is a slow process but I don’t mind, as I have a few paintings on the go, so the drying time is not an issue. This Hanya Mask I have recently finished, is a canvas project for an art shop in Leeds city centre called “Fred Aldous” they were really nice and allowed me to take my time and do my own thing. This painting is a give away, so I took the picture face on, so you guys fell free to copy it if you like. Keep and eye for more updates on art work and tattoos here on Familia Tattoo. Thank you

Japanese Flower Tattoo by Louis


We have been getting a lot of first timers lately, with Laura wasn’t different, she was like every dream client, very easy going and chilled. We had a good laugh in the tattoo process. It is satisfying to get a first timer who is willing to spend time on their tattoo, we managed to get it all done in one long session, but I felt like it was a natural process. Thank you Laura.

swallow side piece by Joe

Lara came to me with a much more smaller design but allowed me to draw up something new but keeping the same theme of the swallow and flowers. It was her first tattoo also so she did super well for such a big piece and the area chosen can be really sensitive spot. We did two sessions on this swallow tattoo piece, first outline with some black and then we shaded the bird giving it some detail but keeping it a more traditional look with my own input. was a really fun piece and lara did so well for her first one, great chilled out client. please follow me @joegallotattoo



Lemmy flashes the ace of spades in hell


Marie, is one of my old clients who always picks the kind of tattoos I enjoy to do. She’s a dedicated Heavy Metal fan, who is constantly attending festivals and gigs. Very chilled and easy going, she wanted to do a portrait of Lemmy, who recently past away. She wanted to add something to do with the ace of spades, so I had the idea to make his hand like a skeleton and holding the ace of spades. As a lot of portraits of Lemmy have been done lately, I choose to do something a bit different, and I wasn’t so neat on the face as I tried to represent the tattoo after his death. Thank you Marie, you are part of the “Familia” I look forward to tattoo you more Rock and heavy metal related tattoos.