Indian Wolf Tattoo by Louis



We are blessed to have an awesome client like Tias. He is so easy going and chilled, that helps me to be able to work better with him. He gives me his ideas, and gives me the freedom, to do my own touches on it. I love tattooing him, I work in a good frame of mind, that helps to deliver a better tattoo. Thank you Tias.

Our American Tattoo Tour


We are now back from our American Tattoo Tour. It was a great experience, both professional and personal. We spent a week in Massechusets, at Paradise Tattoo Gathering. It was a great seminar, we had classes with a lot of awesome artist like Jeff Gogue, Guy Aitchinson, and Nick Baxter. The Paradise Tattoo Gathering, was in a town called “Hancock” and it was in the middle of nowhere, loads of Nature, witch it gives artistic learning atmosphere.

This travel to America has opened our doors about traveling more, We have made a lot of new friends, met a lot of awesome and humble artists. Keep an eye open to more updates on our American a Tattoo Tour.

Sugar Skull by Louis


It was Andy’s first tattoo, we had an awesome experience. He was a bit nervous, but we managed to do it. It is great to get first timers who are on their 40’s, it shows how there’s no age to start to get tattooed. Thank you Andy, we hope to see you again.