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Joe Galloway - Custom Tattoo Artist at Familia Tattoo Studio in Leeds

Indian head tattoo by Louis Santos

We got to finish this indian head tattoo today, glad to design an indian for Harry as I love drawing indians, its a work in progress as hes gonna be blowing out smoke in his hands. Thank you Harry, always chilled.

Retro zelda tattoo by Joe Galloway

Zelda Tattoo by Joe Galloway

Zelda Tattoo by Joe Galloway

Had loads of fun doing this zelda tattoo! always fun tattooing zelda themed pieces. love pixels! 🙂

Custom Zelda tattoo by Joe Galloway

Started this custom Nintendo zelda themed tattoo today, I will be adding colour and more shading into our next session, Thanks.

Zelda tattoo sketch for client by Joe Galloway

Zelda Tattoo

zelda tattoo

Progression sleeve by Louis Santos

Bio-mech tattoo sleeve started by Louis. Black and grey.