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Joe Galloway - Custom Tattoo Artist at Familia Tattoo Studio in Leeds

Zelda tattoo sketch for client by Joe Galloway

Zelda Tattoo

zelda tattoo

Progression sleeve by Louis Santos

Bio-mech tattoo sleeve started by Louis. Black and grey.

Swallow bird tattoo by Joe Galloway

Swallow Bird Tattoo by Joe Galloway Leeds

Two black and grey swallows, chest tattoo. I got round to shading in the other swallow on Hements chest today. Next session will be adding more work in the middle to complete the two swallow bird tattoo.

Medusa tattoo – Bio-Mechanical by Louis Santos

Medusa Tattoo by Louis Santos Leeds

That is the first stage of a full sleeve tattoo we are working on, the customer is a fan of Giger’s work, so we going for that kind of style for the background, it’s a really fun tattoo for me, I am glad to get the opportunity to do that kind of work where you can be creative and have artistic freedom.

A biomechanical medusa tattoo by Louis Santos Tattoo Artist Leeds