Phoenix Tattoo all healed by Louis


I had the opportunity to get a picture taken of the Phoenix Tattoo, I did on Edwards, a few months ago. I didn’t expect to take a picture of it all healed, as he had to leave the country no long after the tattoo was finished. It was a pleasure seeing him, as we had a top laugh during his tattoo process. He’s now back for his second tattoo, I’m sure we gonna have a top time. Thank you for being awesome.

Free hand cover-up feather tattoo by Louis Santos


Victoria had a tattoo while in a boat trip, and it needed covering up. She asked for 2 feathers, to fit exactly on top of the tattoo she needed covering, I choose to free hand it. She wasn’t so specific with how she wanted it, so I choose to apply my own shading on it. Different from the picture she first brought to me.

Free hand skull tattoo by Louis Santos


Paul is a come back client, I originally did the “Liver bird” on top of his arm. He’s a big Liverpool fan. He surprised me, when asking for a skull on his forearm, he wants to incorporate the idea of, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. So that’s the first of the 3 skulls, I enjoyed free handing straight on his arm. He was very easy going, can’t wait to get going next session. Thank you.

Phoenix Tattoo complete by Louis Santos

phoenix tattoo by louis santos

It was a pleasure working on Edwards Phoenix Tattoo. He gave a lot of freedom with the design. So I tried to create a lot of movement. He had such a good laugh when we were doing the tattoo, that we had to stop a few times. I felt like I knew him for a long time. He left a really nice comment on google. Thank you Edwards you are ace!

Fantasy Dragon tattoo complete by Louis Santos

Fantasy dragon tattoo by louis santos

fantasy dragon tattoo by louis santos

It was such a great experience tattooing a fantasy dragon Andy, first he was really nice and easy going, gave me artistic freedom and not once asked when the tattoo was going to be done, it was a very natural process. It was also a tender area to tattoo so I also had to be patient with him, as he wasn’t able to sit for the full amount of time we had booked, which is completely fine with me. In the end of the day for a successful tattoo requires patience from both sides, the tattoo artist and the customer.Thank you Andy

Grim reaper tattoo by Louis Santos

Grim Reaper Tattoo

grim reaper tattoo

Grim reaper tattoo – Dylan choose a grim reaper dark themed tattoo for his first tattoo. To say it was his first tattoo and he was quite young, he was very patient and sensible. We have plans of extending it. Dylan says his first tattoo represents what we all have in common, not being here forever.

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