Fantasy Dragon tattoo complete by Louis Santos

Fantasy dragon tattoo by louis santos

fantasy dragon tattoo by louis santos

It was such a great experience tattooing a fantasy dragon Andy, first he was really nice and easy going, gave me artistic freedom and not once asked when the tattoo was going to be done, it was a very natural process. It was also a tender area to tattoo so I also had to be patient with him, as he wasn’t able to sit for the full amount of time we had booked, which is completely fine with me. In the end of the day for a successful tattoo requires patience from both sides, the tattoo artist and the customer.Thank you Andy

Grim reaper tattoo by Louis Santos

Grim Reaper Tattoo

grim reaper tattoo

Grim reaper tattoo – Dylan choose a grim reaper dark themed tattoo for his first tattoo. To say it was his first tattoo and he was quite young, he was very patient and sensible. We have plans of extending it. Dylan says his first tattoo represents what we all have in common, not being here forever.

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Japanese Geisha Tattoo by Louis Santos

Japanese Geisha Tattoo Artwork by Louis Santos

Geisha with dragon tattoo sketch

I have done this japanese drawing with charcoal and graphite. That japanese geisha tattoo fantasy style drawing is where i am trying to push my art towards. I love doing japanese with a fantasy twist. It is a little daring as i understand japanese culture has rules and a historic background, which i do respect. More about this Tattoo

Floating Fox tattoo by Joe Galloway

Traditional fox tattoo

floating fox tattoo

Fox tattoo design was meant to be in colour as it was originally done as a painting. A client had asked me if i would make a black and grey version into a tattoo. Fun small gap filler tattoo as the client already had various art work on his arm.

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Flamenco tattoo – half sleeve by Louis Santos


Flamenco half sleeve, full colour. It was a long process, specially as he was very specific about what he wanted, so the drawing process was quiet long. But in the end he was really happy with it. His idea was pretty good, he was very dedicated and he knew what he wanted. In the end we were both happy with it. He was a pretty cool guy, we had a good time in the process. I love doing colour pieces, Thank you

Fantasy Portrait tattoo by Louis Santos

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Uploading a better picture of a fantasy portrait tattoo i did a few months back. Picture taken just after the last session, would love to take a picture of it all healed but he lives far. He wanted something a bit different to the usual realistic portraits. He liked one of my drawings and requested to incorporate that in to the tattoo. I was very happy with the decision and we went ahead with it. It was quiet a long process, he was also traveling for the tattoo. He was very dedicated and i would like to send a big thanks.