sunflower cover up by Joe

Lilly had first came for a consultation to discuss covering her old tattoo which was some script on her arm. Originally we went for roses but then Lilly had a change of mind and we booked again for another session. I cant stress enough how important it is for the client to be 100% with the image they want, I would rather re book and spend time planning a little and drawing a new piece rather than a list minute job, it was a tricky coverup because of the size and scale Lilly wanted the flower and how much we could use to cover the old tattoo. But I came up with a final design for her and everything went smoothly in the end,  and the sun flower tattoo came out like i imagined . feeling grateful 🙂 @incognetojoe


Guest Tattoo Artist Rafa at Familia Tattoo

Guest Tattoo Artist

guest tattoo artist leeds

We are happy to announce that Rafa will be a guest tattoo artist with us at Familia Tattoo, he specialises in Traditional Tattoos. He has a different style than Louis santos and Joe galloway. So we thought he would have something different to bring to the table. Welcome Rafa.