half sleeve religious tattoo by Louis Santos

half sleeve religious tattoo by louis santos

Half sleeve religious tattoo

half sleeve religious tattoo complete by Louis Santos, all black and grey, 2 doves underneath, client was very patient, pretty chilled process.

All our tattoo’s are custom drawn for each client meaning no two tattoo’s will be the same, some tattoo studios use flash designs which are just copied or transferred on to each client. He wishes to have a full sleeve tattoo eventually and we will progressively add to the half sleeve tattoo, thank you.

Angel Half Sleeve tattoo by Louis Santos

half sleeve tattoo

Last session on a black and grey half sleeve tattoo. It’s all custom designed by hand, some free hand on the background and doves.¬†Awesome¬†client, very patient and chilled, gave me artistic freedom. After his holiday in July, he will be back for the bottom of his arm to complete a angel/religious full sleeve, thank you.