dragon painting by @joegallowatattoo

I started this drawing around Christmas time and i actually completely forgot about it due to me getting sick for a few weeks (some xmas bug that was going around 🙁 ) I then randomly came across the sketch and decided to start finishing the drawing getting it ready to paint! Worked on the background first and then started to add  a first layer onto my foreground. After letting it dry I then added details mainly into the dragons head and scales. Fun piece to paint, never get bored of dragon, they always come out different and have there own unique personalities ^_^ Please follow me @joegallotattoo13220522_10156930915970385_2424656566102473537_o

Flower work by Joe

We first started by doing the top and bottom patterns you can see in the tattoo, after that we let them heal up and then worked on the large gap left in the middle. Lauren wanted some roses in the middle and gave me freedom of style. I wanted to give detail in my own way to the roses, fine lines and darker compared to the patterns surrounding. Came out great, enjoyed doing it, shes a really nice and chilled out client, cant ask for more ^_^ Joe. Please follow me on instagram @artofgallo


Mermaid tattoo by Joe

Phil gave me a rough sketch that friend had done for him and wanted it tattooing. The image was cool and knew that i could draw something up better and give my own ideas on to the piece for him. He was really open minded and allowed me be really creative. I really wanted add some water for the mermaid in a more illustrative way for him. Was a super fun piece done in one sitting which i did think would take longer but because he sat so well the tattoo process went smooth. Thanks, Joe


Custom owl tattoo by Joe

Owl Tattoo

Custom owl tattoo

Rodney was really open and had asked for something unique with this owl tattoo design. Most of this owl tattoo was free hand, i normally prefer to do most of my work that way. We first started with the owl and some basic shading in the background and foreground mainly in the owl’s head. Second session we focused on the texture bringing the own to life. I always appreciate when someone gives me artistic freedom in a tattoo rather that just doing something already been tattooed. Why have something that’s already been done repeatedly over time especially when the client has specifically asked for something unique. I always prefer to go much darker in my work as i feel over time tattoos generally go lighter and lighter. Had fun doing this, rodney sat great too and really chilled out client.

black & grey tattoo – progression sleeve by Joe

Joe Galloway – Black & Grey Tattoo Sleeve Progression

black & grey tattoo

Black & Grey Tattoo – Sleeve progression. Started this as a cover up at the top then worked our way down adding pieces that Dave had asked for. Some areas of the tattoo are still healing so slightly scabby in some parts. We will be adding more when he returns to the UK. Keeping it all black & grey mainly themed around his family. More about this Tattoo

Floating Fox tattoo by Joe Galloway

Traditional fox tattoo

floating fox tattoo

Fox tattoo design was meant to be in colour as it was originally done as a painting. A client had asked me if i would make a black and grey version into a tattoo. Fun small gap filler tattoo as the client already had various art work on his arm.

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