dragon coverup by Joe

done over multiple sitting with martin, was a huge tribal coverup, rather than going darker with the background on this piece i had to make sure we balanced the dragons contrast so it stood out and covered up the tribal well. Really happy that we managed to cover up all the black and still make give the dragon detail and texture whilst keeping the simplicity on the scales.


I always try to push each dragon i do to the next level, I know that level of detail i want whilst balancing it with simplicity, you can texture every area of the tattoo, I believe in laying down how you envision the subject your tattooing/drawing, but also making sure its clear and going to last the client a lifetime.


Traditional Rose tattoo by Joe Galloway

Traditional Rose Tattoo on forearm by Joe Galloway

Traditional rose tattoo by Joe Galloway Leeds

Bakeneko tattoo by Joe Galloway

Bakeneko tattoo Cat by Joe Galloway