Our American Tattoo Tour


We are now back from our American Tattoo Tour. It was a great experience, both professional and personal. We spent a week in Massechusets, at Paradise Tattoo Gathering. It was a great seminar, we had classes with a lot of awesome artist like Jeff Gogue, Guy Aitchinson, and Nick Baxter. The Paradise Tattoo Gathering, was in a town called “Hancock” and it was in the middle of nowhere, loads of Nature, witch it gives artistic learning atmosphere.

This travel to America has opened our doors about traveling more, We have made a lot of new friends, met a lot of awesome and humble artists. Keep an eye open to more updates on our American a Tattoo Tour.

Sugar Skull by Louis


It was Andy’s first tattoo, we had an awesome experience. He was a bit nervous, but we managed to do it. It is great to get first timers who are on their 40’s, it shows how there’s no age to start to get tattooed. Thank you Andy, we hope to see you again.

Japanese anime sleeve in progress by Joe@artofgallo

I have had the pleasure of people asking me to do some really nice pieces that mean alot to me as well as the client because i too had similar experiences when growing up to they have in there tattoos. Adam gave me the idea of incorporating two dragons from different anime shows into one sleeve.  So far we have done all of the background work and now started shading the body of shenron (dragon ball Z) and haku(spirited away). Really enjoying the piece as i put alot of time into the drawing and gave my own influence on the sleeve mainly a Japanese look.

Looking forward to our next session which will mainly be scale work on shenron, i normally leave the faces until last as I want to put alot of detail into them whilst keeping the body less saturated ^_^ I too recently just got back into watching dragon ball Z after stopping after the majin buu saga for some reason, and also the super shows too!

here is the progress thus far! Joe. Please follow me @artofgallo

japanese tattoo artist leeds

swallow side piece by Joe

Lara came to me with a much more smaller design but allowed me to draw up something new but keeping the same theme of the swallow and flowers. It was her first tattoo also so she did super well for such a big piece and the area chosen can be really sensitive spot. We did two sessions on this swallow tattoo piece, first outline with some black and then we shaded the bird giving it some detail but keeping it a more traditional look with my own input. was a really fun piece and lara did so well for her first one, great chilled out client. please follow me @joegallotattoo



Lemmy flashes the ace of spades in hell


Marie, is one of my old clients who always picks the kind of tattoos I enjoy to do. She’s a dedicated Heavy Metal fan, who is constantly attending festivals and gigs. Very chilled and easy going, she wanted to do a portrait of Lemmy, who recently past away. She wanted to add something to do with the ace of spades, so I had the idea to make his hand like a skeleton and holding the ace of spades. As a lot of portraits of Lemmy have been done lately, I choose to do something a bit different, and I wasn’t so neat on the face as I tried to represent the tattoo after his death. Thank you Marie, you are part of the “Familia” I look forward to tattoo you more Rock and heavy metal related tattoos.