Chicano Tattoo by Louis Santos

Chicano Half Sleeve Tattoo Leeds

It’s such a pleasure to tattoo some of my South American culture , The Chicano tattoo style has evolved so much over the years, chicano style started with south American prisoners evolving to a beautiful form of art now explored in the tattoo world, I love to be able to do this kind of tattoo, thank you.

Medusa tattoo – Bio-Mechanical by Louis Santos

Medusa Tattoo by Louis Santos Leeds

That is the first stage of a full sleeve tattoo we are working on, the customer is a fan of Giger’s work, so we going for that kind of style for the background, it’s a really fun tattoo for me, I am glad to get the opportunity to do that kind of work where you can be creative and have artistic freedom.

A biomechanical medusa tattoo by Louis Santos Tattoo Artist Leeds