Digital Painting, Geisha art

hello everyone, thanks for looking at our site. I’m grateful to have had some time to think about my life and had time to work on projects that I had in my mind, having time to work on your ideas is a blessing, well this lockdown gave me the opportunity to. I’m sure everyone had enough time to do, and learn all the things we didn’t have time to before. With this digital paint, I started with a sketch, then finished digitally. I love Japanese art, however I like do do my own twist on it, so I end up braking some rules, which is interesting for some, but not so much for those, who believe you should stick with the tradition. I respect every tradition out there. However when it comes to art, I like to do my own thing, and not be limited with what you can, or can not do. Hopefully we will be out of this lockdown soon. Hope everyone is keeping safe.

Traditional Oil Painting by Louis

Traditional oil painting on canvas, all made by hand no brush. Mermaid and Egyptian Woman in a battle. Us humans have always battled each other, for different reasons, however the Mermaid is still managing to stay calm and still. And that should apply to our life, if someone attacks you, you should stay calm, as you are not in control of how others act, think, or behave. And if you stay still and calm, they will only attack themselves. Traditional oil painting takes a lot longer than a digital paint, however, the feel of accomplishment and energy you achieve in the end in priceless. I do art because I love the process, so if a paint will take long due to being traditional, good, as o love the process. And I try to do art I want to seeI varnished a lot in the end so it looks quiet glossy

New Familia Tattoo Logo

Hey everyone, thanks for checking our site. In this post I would like to share our new logo at Familia Tattoo Leeds. New beginnings, new logo. We feel like we need a new logo to represent our new life we will live after the pandemic. This logo has a positive meaning and feel to it. I believe Egyptian culture is the beginning of our civilisation, so that’s where we got the idea from, hope you guys like it, and keep safe. Not far until we can try to take our life back. Thank you

Free Hand Sci-fi robot full sleeve by Louis Santos

Being in lockdown, is giving me the chance to go back and dig out of my camera, everything i have been working on. It was Roy’s first tattoo, and he was willing to invest time in his sleeve. We built everything in different layers, so we needed the dedication both from my side and from his side too. We were really patient with each other, and we did not let discourage, get in the way of the end result. To achieve a full sleeve you need faith in the process, so only the ones who stick by it, will get the end result. Thank you for checking our site, and please keep safe.

Free Hand Roses by Louis

Egyptian God Art by Louis