Oil on canvas, traditional paint by Louis Santos

Jumping from digital to traditional paint is what I do from time to time. Exploring different mediums it keeps me interested and keen to learn everyday. In this picture I just finished varnishing with a first layer, I will be adding more layers of varnish, before hanging in the wall of the studio. This painting, it took me around 5-6 layers to complete. When I do a painting I have complete control of it, that’s why it works out 100% all the time, where with a tattoo you are a bit more limited with time, so I’m not in control about people coming back to the studio, and letting me touch up or even sometimes complete the tattoo. With a tattoo sometimes customers are limited with time and money, so I have to try my best, to do the best I can, within that time we have. Where with a paint there’s no limits, I can go back to it, over, and over again. Keep an eye for weekly updates, of our tattoo studio in Leeds city centre.

Rising Phoenix by Louis Santos

Adam wanted a cover-up of a really old tattoo on his back. I like doing cover-ups, i like the challenge of it. However when Adam asked me to do a realistic phoenix tattoo, I got really exited. Phoenixes are a good opportunity for me to really have fun with bright colours and pushing back and forth different values. Thank you Adam for being such a cool dude!

A dream come true by Louis Santos

I have been tattooing for 13 years, and I’ve always wondered when I was gonna have the opportunity to do a Marvel sleeve. I can’t believe I’m finally gonna get the opportunity to do it. I have been reading Marvel comics since the 90’s, and it’s been with me until now. If it wasn’t for Stan Lee, I would not became an artist. And the coolest thing about this sleeve is, we are going to pay a tribute to Stan Lee, and deservedly place him in the middle of all the awesome super-heroes he created. I’m very exited about this one, I’m gonna treat it like it’s going to me my last Marvel sleeve, give my best, and of coarse really enjoy myself. Thank you so much Harry!