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Our Studio 
Familia Tattoo Studio in Leeds City Center, is a completely private tattoo studio and we work exclusively by appointment only. Our studio is situated on the second floor so we can enjoy a relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, and we can be more focused on our work without any interruption.

Our Artists

Louis Santos Tattoo Artist Leeds and Joe Galloway are Custom Design Tattoo Artists and they offer their clients an interactive and personal experience from start to finish. They are both dedicated artists who are passionate about their art work in all forms, tattooing, drawing, oil painting and more. They both firmly believe that to be a great tattoo artist, you first need to be a great artist.

Our Service

Some tattoo studios and street shops operate by offering their clients “flash designs” or “copied” tattoos. Often the same designs will be used time and time again, and the client cannot be sure that their tattoo was designed specifically for them. This method of tattooing has worked well for many years and some clients are still very happy with this style of tattooing. But over the years the tattoo industry has evolved and there are now a lot of extremely talented artists in the industry who will specialize in custom design art work for their clients.

When you choose a custom design tattoo artist your tattoo will look exactly how you want it to, because you will be involved with the creative process. At Familia Tattoo we will never use the same design for another client. Your design is yours alone.

We firmly believe that this is the best service we can provide.

Booking your first consultation

Your initial consultation with your tattoo artist will usually be to discuss ideas and do some planning for your tattoo. Some clients will simply send images via email and allow the tattoo artist the creative freedom to start the design without meeting personally. This is fine and works well for a lot of people, especially for people who live further afield. Other clients may prefer to meet with their artist before the day of their tattoo so they can talk about their ideas in person. During this planning session your tattoo artist may even decide to draw a rough sketch of the tattoo on your skin to give you a feel for the design. This is not always essential, but it can sometimes be very helpful.

Paying a deposit and booking your tattoo

When you are happy with the artist that you have chosen and have discussed ideas and agreed upon the overall design, you are then invited to book in for your tattoo. We charge a £50 deposit to secure your date, but this will always be deducted from the cost of your final tattoo session.

Health and Hygiene

For hygiene purposes all tattoo studios should always use a brand new needle for your tattoo. But the tattoo machines also have something called a “grip” and a lot of studios will repeatedly use the same grip, and just sterilize it in between clients.

We do not use this method. We use brand new needles and brand new grips for every client. We believe this is the safest and most hygienic method and even though it costs more to our business, we would prefer to make that investment and guarantee your safety.

Leeds Custom Tattoo its a all disposable studio, for your safety and comfort.
“Your clientele may appreciate and feel more at ease knowing that they are being tattooed with brand new and disposable stereziled equipment.”
– Larry Brogan, https://familiatattoo.com


Our aim

Our aim is try to give our clients an exceptional service from start to finish. We want to work with you to give you the best possible tattoo and we also want to provide you with a friendly and relaxed environment when you are in our leeds tattoo studio.

More information

We hope that this information has been helpful to you, but if you would like any further information or would to discuss making an appointment please do not hesitate to contact us.

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