Oil on canvas. Tattoo Artist in lock down

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our site. The lockdown is nearly over, hopefully, they will not extend this lock down for longer, and give us the opportunity to work. I have been working on my traditional oil painting every so often. In the era of digital art, I still go back to the roots of traditional painting as it requires you to think more and being careful with every move you make, as we do not have a delete button on a traditional canvas, it’s in my opinion similar to tattooing, as in every decision you make it leaves a mark in the canvas, so the thought process is at larger scale compare to digital painting. In this oils painting, I had the idea of a mermaid fighting an Egyptian female warrior, I’m a big fan of Egyptian culture and fantasy art. Keep an eye for more updates on the final complete image of this oil painting.

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Thank you

Native Indian black and grey pencil drawing by Louis Santos

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our site. In times of lockdown we are faced with a mental and patience challenge, specially for those who love to socialise. For us artists it’s not so bad, as we do have something to throw ourselves to, and scape from the real world. As I’m not in control with what’s going on around us, it’s a blessing to be able to loose myself in to a drawing or a paint. With this drawing, I have tried to achieve an Old Native American Indian. He’s a Tattoo Master, who becomes art with his paint brush in his hand. The engraved tattoo machine in his hat and his tattooed experience face, is also engraved in his soul. The noise of the outside world will not take him away from his artistic journey.

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Greek Mythology Medusa by Louis

Thanks for looking at our site. In times of lockdown I’m having time to go over my camera and dish out tattoos I have done in the past few weeks. This Tattoo was Johns first tattoo, what a nice lad. I was really happy with his request, as I love Greek Mythology related tattoos. We are gonna be working on Johns full sleeve after the lock down. We are going to be drawing a Poseidon for his bottom half sleeve. This tattoo was very detailed, however John was patient and stuck throughout the process, he went home twice with his tattoo unfinished, and not once questioned anything, as being judgemental while your tattoo is unfinished, is not having faith in your tattoo artist. On large tattoos, only the patient and the ones who have faith, are the ones who get the end result. We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Keep an eye for more updates @familiatattooleeds

New sketch collection on wall @familiatattooleeds

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at our site. We are going to a second lockdown, so we are keeping positive and just making the most of the opportunity to study and live art. We are lucky as artists, as we are never gonna be bored, depending how passionate you are about art, you can always be creative, and being bored is not an option. Throwing ourself in to painting and a drawing is a blessing to get out of this world for a while, so in times of pandemic and lockdown, being an artist is a blessing, to have the opportunity to drive ourselves to another world, and forget about this one for a while.

In this image, I have shared 3 original sketches I have worked on and framed. The first one is a fantasy Angel holding a sword with wings. She has a feel of faith and patience. The second image is a Geisha with a dragon, I’ve always enjoyed mixing Japanese Geishas with dragons, as they are my two favourite Japanese characters. And the last frame is a bit of a crazy fantasy design I did, without worrying too much about it, sometimes is good to just let go, and let it be, without any rules, or judgment, so I would say it’s a judgement free process I went through. Thank you for visiting our site. And good luck with the lockdown. Keep an eye open for updates during lock down. Take care guys

My Guardian Angel

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at our site, sorry I haven’t been very active online lately, we have been so busy. Another lockdown on the way, so a lot of art on the way too, I’m gonna have time to finish some of my paintings. On this post I would like to share and comment this digital painting a did of a dream I had. I had a dream about my guardian angel, it was a vivid dream, however it wasn’t easy to try to do a painting based on the dream, however I just went with what I could remember, my own interpretation of it. I do believe we all have a guardian angel. Even if you don’t believe it, just take it this painting as a representation of a dream I had. I love painting from my imagination, it’s more pure and genuine. With this lockdown I’m gonna be updating this site more often, so be sure to follow us on instagram@familiatattooleeds

Thank you

Realism Humming Bird Tattoo by Louis

Hello, thanks for looking at our site. It has been great at Familia Tattoo. We are blessed with the best clients we could ever wish for, it’s a true blessing, to be able to work with awesome people. With this Humming bird, Ariane was willing to give continuation to her half sleeve. I’m very happy to tattoo her, as she’s so chilled and easy going, I work with a good frame of mind. As she was so cool, I felt comfortable to free hand this humming bird. She’s a fan of colour tattoos, so I’m more than happy to take a colour tattoo request. When the client asks what they want, give me the freedom to work on them, they stick with the process, as every session their tattoo will transform, it’s always an experience to remember. We are on the way of creating more flowers on Ariane’s half sleeve, so I will see you soon Ariane, thank you for being awesome. Be sure to follow us on instagram@familiatattooleeds