Viking lady warrior by Louis

We have been working on Martins Viking Sleeve, we started with his hands and working to his forearm where this lady warrior is placed. It’s been a pleasure working with Martin, we have a good time in the process, his hands needed touching up, however he came back, stuck with me through thick and thin, and now he’s happy with the end result, thank you Martin.

Full sleeve complete by Louis

It’s a great experience when a full sleeve is complete, it’s s long process, so a lot of faith in the process is required. When the client sticks with the process they get the end result, and through thick and thin, we get there in the end. James was great, I enjoyed spending time with him, and we have more tattoo plans for the future.

Viking Skull by Louis Santos

It was a pleasure tattooing Martin, he loves the Vikings, so that’s where the idea came from. I believe hands are tricky to do, so he had to come back for re-touching, sometimes hands heal great, sometimes they don’t. So extra care is necessary when tattooing hands. Thank you Martin