The Joker, Realistic Tattoo, by Louis Santos

This Comic Tattoo is a blast from the past. Realistic Joker. This Joker is from the game of Batman “Arkham Asylum”. It’s more than a pleasure doing video-games tattoos, as it’s closer to my heart. I still play video-games for artistic inspiration. Thank you

Fantasy Realism, charcoal and graphite by Louis

As this quarantine passes us by, why not make the most of this free time, to do something productive. Sketching is the foundation of all art. If you paint more than you draw, it’s definitely going to show in your paintings. I follow a YouTube Chanel of an amazing oil painter, and he mentions the importance of drawing, and he draws everyday, to improve his paintings. I also draw because I love to, it’s out of pleasure also. Hope everyone is keeping safe.

Dog Portrait, black and grey, by Louis Santos

My customer unfortunately had to put his dog to sleep. I was happy to tattoo a portrait of his dog. I expected to experience a quiet sad session due to what happened. However I had a completely opposite experience, he was really nice and we got on quiet well. We had a nice day, and I’m gonna be happy to tattoo him again. Hope everyone is keeping safe.

Wonder Woman Portrait Paint by Louis Santos