South of heaven. Digital Fantasy Sketch by Louis

Hello, thanks for looking at our website. In this post I would like to share my latest digital sketch. It’s a fantasy dragon with a goddess next to it. That’s why I named it “South of heaven” It was the feeling I got when I finished this digital sketch. The dragon is roaring aggressively, while the goddess is very calm, grounded, balanced and focused. When I sketch I just let it be, I have a basic plan, however it never ends up like I planned, and I like that, just letting things naturally unfold, instead of being stubborn to a certain idea. Just let it be. Thanks for reading. Follow me on instagram@louissantostattoo

Angel Warrior Sketch by Louis

The Joker digital Portrait by Louis Santos

In time of quarantine, i’m having a lot of time to reflect on a lot of ideas i had, for painting and drawing. And one idea i had, was to paint a portrait of probably my favourite movie last year, the joker. I was waiting for the opportunity to have the time to do this comic portrait. The movie was out of this world, and Joaquin Phoenix deserved an Oscar for his performance with no shadow of a doubt.

Phoenix Tattoo by Louis Santos

It was a pleasure working with Adam, not only a true gentleman, but a very patient and easy going guy. All his good values contributed to the outcome of his tattoo. We are working to carry on his full back piece. Its awesome getting nice people in the studio, it makes you feel blessed. Thank you Adam

Egyptian Sketch by Louis Santos

Happy New Year Everyone! This year has started with good vibes, it feels like a fresh new decade, i hope everyone is feeling the same good vibe. This was one my of last sketches from last year. Egyptian Mummy, with a fantasy and realistic feel to it. I love sketching, as its the opportunity to get ideas out, with it could lead to a paint. Thank you