Native Indian black and grey pencil drawing by Louis Santos

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our site. In times of lockdown we are faced with a mental and patience challenge, specially for those who love to socialise. For us artists it’s not so bad, as we do have something to throw ourselves to, and scape from the real world. As I’m not in control with what’s going on around us, it’s a blessing to be able to loose myself in to a drawing or a paint. With this drawing, I have tried to achieve an Old Native American Indian. He’s a Tattoo Master, who becomes art with his paint brush in his hand. The engraved tattoo machine in his hat and his tattooed experience face, is also engraved in his soul. The noise of the outside world will not take him away from his artistic journey.

we hope everyone is keeping safe, and be sure to follow us on instagram@familiatattooleeds

Greek Mythology Medusa by Louis

Thanks for looking at our site. In times of lockdown I’m having time to go over my camera and dish out tattoos I have done in the past few weeks. This Tattoo was Johns first tattoo, what a nice lad. I was really happy with his request, as I love Greek Mythology related tattoos. We are gonna be working on Johns full sleeve after the lock down. We are going to be drawing a Poseidon for his bottom half sleeve. This tattoo was very detailed, however John was patient and stuck throughout the process, he went home twice with his tattoo unfinished, and not once questioned anything, as being judgemental while your tattoo is unfinished, is not having faith in your tattoo artist. On large tattoos, only the patient and the ones who have faith, are the ones who get the end result. We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Keep an eye for more updates @familiatattooleeds

Realistic Lion Tattoo and cub reflection

It was Ethan’s first tattoo. Really young kid, but sensible, and willing to spend time on his black and grey piece. We did it all in one session, as the forearm is a very easy area of the body to tattoo, so it flows a lot quicker than another areas. Ethan is beginning his career in football, and I wished all the luck for him, and tried to motivate him and let him know the dedication needed to be on top, if he wants to get to the premier league. I hope he gets there one day. All the best and thank you Ethan.

Realistic Eye Tattoo by Louis Santos

I have been tattooing Mark for a few years now, and his son Reece got in touch with me about a realistic eye inside of his arm. It was his first tattoo, and he was just like his dad, really easy going and nice. He said, this is what I want, however I want you put your own twist to it, so there was a lot of artistic freedom is this piece, plus having a laugh in the process, it really helps for a better experience and the outcome of the tattoo. I’m taking a lot of realistic requests at the moment, if you have any realistic tattoo ideas, get in touch with me on what’s app, my number is 07803875713, and I’m happy to look in to your request. Keep an eye for more updates and be sure to follow us on instagram and Facebook @familiatattooleeds

The eye of Hamsa

The eye of Hamsa, has a variety of meanings across cultures. It’s known as a protective talisman, that brings good fortune, health and prosperity. The Hamsa is usually used to protect its owner. Thank you Seema for being so awesome. We had a good day at Familia Tattoo Leeds. We are looking forward to see Jimmy Scribbles doing awesome scripts in our studio. Keep an eye for more updates. Follow us on instagram/familiatattooleeds

Black and grey lion with a tint of colour

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at our site. This week has been good @faliliatattooleeds we have been really busy after the lockdown, which it wasn’t expected at all. I was expecting to see business going back to normal after next year. However it wasn’t the case, as son as we got back to work, we were busier than ever, and we have to thank you guys for that. Yeah, sometimes life gets you by surprise. This last week I got to finish Struan’s leg, we started 2 years ago, but I think he got busy travelling and came back 2 years after to finish it. So better late than never, we did a black and grey lion, with a rose, then he accepted the idea of doing a bit of colour, and it worked very well. Thank you Struan, keep strong!