Cristiano Ronaldo digital paint by Louis Santos

I’m a fan of Sports. To have a professional Sport career it requires a lot of dedication. Is not in vain that Cristiano Ronaldo is where he is. A lot of people try to have a footballer’s career and don’t get to the level of the Premier League. Boxing is also another sport that requires a lot of dedication. Floyd Mayweather goes to the gym at 2 in the morning, that’s the reason why hes never been beaten. I tried to push to a realism feel with this digital paint. Thank you

Horror Half Sleeve by Louis Santos

Yes I know, scary. However that’s some people’s taste and it’s really fun for me to do. Most movies we see nowadays, have some sort of monster on it. It was Max first tattoo. It’s been more than a pleasure tattooing him. He wanted a half sleeve with a monster, holding a skull, horror style. We are currently working on his half sleeve. Thank you Max

Dog Portrait, black and grey, by Louis Santos

My customer unfortunately had to put his dog to sleep. I was happy to tattoo a portrait of his dog. I expected to experience a quiet sad session due to what happened. However I had a completely opposite experience, he was really nice and we got on quiet well. We had a nice day, and I’m gonna be happy to tattoo him again. Hope everyone is keeping safe.