Black and grey lion with a tint of colour

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at our site. This week has been good @faliliatattooleeds we have been really busy after the lockdown, which it wasn’t expected at all. I was expecting to see business going back to normal after next year. However it wasn’t the case, as son as we got back to work, we were busier than ever, and we have to thank you guys for that. Yeah, sometimes life gets you by surprise. This last week I got to finish Struan’s leg, we started 2 years ago, but I think he got busy travelling and came back 2 years after to finish it. So better late than never, we did a black and grey lion, with a rose, then he accepted the idea of doing a bit of colour, and it worked very well. Thank you Struan, keep strong!

Realistic Coy Carp by Louis Santos

Tattooing Andy has been a experience to remember. I did his first tattoo on his front, under his chest, which it was a very sensitive area. I was sure to let him know, it was going to be a sensitive area for his first one, and he was happy to go ahead. It was a big dragon, so we agreed to do only half days each session, so the process would take a lot longer than usual. However that was not a worry at all, as Andy is very patient and sticks through the process. So when he asked me for a full sleeve after the dragon, i was confident everything would be ok. I will be posting images of Andy’s full sleeve. Tattooing Andy is a educational experience about life, we have the same ideas and values, so it’s easy to bounce off each other. He already mentioned about getting his other sleeve done, which I’m sure we will have a great time. Thank you Andy

Healed Phoenix by Louis

Adam needed a cover-up on his back, and I was exited when he said he wanted a phoenix. I was happy to design something just for him, he gave me a lot of freedom with the design. He was very easy going with me, which it made the process really enjoyable, and his good attitude contributed for me to work with a good frame of mind, and no time limit. He didn’t once ask me when we were going to be done, he just let it be, naturally. Working without any pressure, you will get better and faster work done. Sometimes some clients walk in the studio for a consultation, and it feels like they came from the sky, they are lovely to work with, and have some great ideas, it makes me motivated and have faith that more clients like this will come our way. We are now working on a fantasy dragon on Adams arm, that will be on my list of updated tattoos online, so keep an eye open for more updates. Follow me on Instagram@louissantostattoo

The circle of life by Louis Santos

The most precise way of how the circle of life unfolds is… change, and nothing is forever. This is where I got the idea to approach this realistic sketch. I also love to draw realism to learn more about light, as light is an infinite subject to learn. When I draw realism, I try to not think about me, but think about the character I’m drawing, this way you can feel what you are doing more. Think less and feel more. With this approach the drawing becomes more genuine and heart felt. Pencil is one of my favourite mediums, I love how I can get as many details as possible, without being restricted. We specialise in realism tattoo at Familia Tattoo, so we are happy to look in to your request. Make sure to follow us on Instagram@familiatattooleeds. Thank you

Buddha and Lotus flower colour tattoo by Louis Santos

We had a visit from Rob in the studio the other day. We completed his full sleeve around 2 years ago. He popped in for a tattoo on inside of his arm, we are doing a hamsa palm shaped amulet, with an eye underneath. I can not wait to get this finished, so keep an eye open for updates, and I’m sure Rob’s Hamsa Tattoo will be posted around next month when he gets back. Robs full sleeve has a Buddha as a top half sleeve, which it was a cover-up request, we worked our way from the top half sleeve cover-up, working down with a clear skin half sleeve, with a colourful lotus flower with water around. Rob is a big fan of visiting Ibiza, so that’s where his blue water love comes from. It was such a pleasure tattooing Rob, such an easy going guy, patient and a true gentleman. Looking forward to finish Robs Hamsa and hopefully, we are going to his next arm, for another full sleeve. Thank you for reading