Oil on canvas. Tattoo Artist in lock down

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our site. The lockdown is nearly over, hopefully, they will not extend this lock down for longer, and give us the opportunity to work. I have been working on my traditional oil painting every so often. In the era of digital art, I still go back to the roots of traditional painting as it requires you to think more and being careful with every move you make, as we do not have a delete button on a traditional canvas, it’s in my opinion similar to tattooing, as in every decision you make it leaves a mark in the canvas, so the thought process is at larger scale compare to digital painting. In this oils painting, I had the idea of a mermaid fighting an Egyptian female warrior, I’m a big fan of Egyptian culture and fantasy art. Keep an eye for more updates on the final complete image of this oil painting.

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Thank you

Realistic Buddha Tattoo by Louis Santos

This Buddha was a part of Andy’s sleeve. The outer of his arm was the realistic Coy Carp as you can see in the picture bellow. Working with Andy is a mix of ideas and emotions. We have the same philosophy about life, however we are open to new ideas, and we feel free to discuss with an open mind. All these details add to a positive vibe in the sessions, and it contributes to a better outcome on the tattoo. Every time I see an image of a Buddha, it reminds me of meditation, and meditation for sure helps us with concentration. So if you have a job where it requires concentration, I would for sure recommend meditation, it’s a good habit to have, you mite struggle at first, but if you stick to it, like anything in life, you will start seeing the benefits of it. I had a realistic approach to this tattoo, with the artistic freedom Andy gave me, also contributed to the end result. Thank you Andy, I look forward to see you and have deep conversations with you. Follow us on instagram@familiatattooleeds

Hamsa hand with a realistic eye by Louis Santos

I did a full sleeve for Rob, and he wanted to add a Hamsa hand with a realistic eye inside of his arm. We didn’t have much space so I had to tilt a little in order to fit a good and clear size. However it worked well, as I was happy with the placement so was he. Rob is a really chilled guy, who loves to get tattooed accompanied by coffee and house music. He loves going to Ibiza and loves the sea, so we were sure to put a lot of blues on his sleeve. Overall a great experience, hopefully we will be working on his next sleeve eventually. Follow me on Instagram/louissantostattoo

Thank you

Phoenix Tattoo in colour by Louis

I’m currently working on 2 phoenixes, and I really enjoy doing them, as they are so much fun to do. There are multiple ways you can approach a Phoenix, so I don’t think I will ever get bored of doing them. So I get a start idea from my client. When I get the idea of how they want it, I kind of put my own twist to it, to customise it a bit more just for them. Some phoenixes can look like a colourful bird, some of them have loads of flames, as they are a fantasy bird, I believe there’s no rules about it. I’m sure some prefer them as more of a flame shape, and some of them more as a bird shape. Either way I’m happy to do them, this one i did, I would say it’s a bit more feminine feel to it, which I can sometimes activate my feminine artistic side in order to deliver what the client wants. Thank you

Free Hand Rose Tattoo by Louis Santos

It is a pleasure, when I ask my customers to send an image of their healed tattoo, in a shadow of a sun light, and they do it. It makes it so personal and a meaningful tattoo experience. Tattooing is a collaboration in between 2 people, with trust, patience, loyalty, and when you have a bond with your client, it makes the experience to remember. I learn a lot with my clients. Tattooing Jenifer was a great experience. She is from China and studying in Leeds. She had a writing, she wanted to cover up. She asked me to do a deep red rose, on top of her previous tattoo. I asked her if she minded if I free handed it, and she trusted me to go ahead. I felt really comfortable tattooing her, and I can not thanks her enough for being such an awesome customer. Thank you

We are re-opening today

We are very happy to announce, we are re-opening today. It’s been a very long 3 months with the lock down. It’s been good for us artistically and personally, however we miss having normal days at the studios, and going back to our everyday life. If you have a incomplete tattoo due to the pandemic, be sure to get in touch, and we will gladly deal with your request. Thank you for all your patience, as we have gone through weird times, however we managed to stay open, and carry on doing what we love. If you haven’t popped in to our new tattoo studio in Leeds, on King Charles street, pop on to say hi. Keep an eye for daily tattoo updates on this web site. We hope to see you guys soon.

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