Rising Phoenix by Louis Santos

Adam wanted a cover-up of a really old tattoo on his back. I like doing cover-ups, i like the challenge of it. However when Adam asked me to do a realistic phoenix tattoo, I got really exited. Phoenixes are a good opportunity for me to really have fun with bright colours and pushing back and forth different values. Thank you Adam for being such a cool dude!

Realism Digital Paint by Louis Santos

Digital art is very practical, you loose some feelings of a traditional painting, however there’s no drying time. We can not wait until this quarantine is over to start tattooing in our studio in Leeds City Centre. In this digital paint, I tried to go for a fantasy art style. She’s a angel warrior, riding a fantasy dragon. Thanks for looking.

The Joker, Realistic Tattoo, by Louis Santos

This Comic Tattoo is a blast from the past. Realistic Joker. This Joker is from the game of Batman “Arkham Asylum”. It’s more than a pleasure doing video-games tattoos, as it’s closer to my heart. I still play video-games for artistic inspiration. Thank you

Fantasy Realism, charcoal and graphite by Louis

As this quarantine passes us by, why not make the most of this free time, to do something productive. Sketching is the foundation of all art. If you paint more than you draw, it’s definitely going to show in your paintings. I follow a YouTube Chanel of an amazing oil painter, and he mentions the importance of drawing, and he draws everyday, to improve his paintings. I also draw because I love to, it’s out of pleasure also. Hope everyone is keeping safe.

Digital Paints by Louis Santos

Thank you to Martin Smith @ Digital Panther, we got the opportunity to print these two canvas. If you guys are looking for any form of prints, get in touch with Martin, and he will help you with your request. We order everything from him. Hes very reliable and his prices are more than fair. Thank you Martin, for all these years of tattooing, and doing business with you. We wish you all the luck in the world.