Free Hand Rose Tattoo by Louis Santos

It is a pleasure, when I ask my customers to send an image of their healed tattoo, in a shadow of a sun light, and they do it. It makes it so personal and a meaningful tattoo experience. Tattooing is a collaboration in between 2 people, with trust, patience, loyalty, and when you have a bond with your client, it makes the experience to remember. I learn a lot with my clients. Tattooing Jenifer was a great experience. She is from China and studying in Leeds. She had a writing, she wanted to cover up. She asked me to do a deep red rose, on top of her previous tattoo. I asked her if she minded if I free handed it, and she trusted me to go ahead. I felt really comfortable tattooing her, and I can not thanks her enough for being such an awesome customer. Thank you

We are re-opening today

We are very happy to announce, we are re-opening today. It’s been a very long 3 months with the lock down. It’s been good for us artistically and personally, however we miss having normal days at the studios, and going back to our everyday life. If you have a incomplete tattoo due to the pandemic, be sure to get in touch, and we will gladly deal with your request. Thank you for all your patience, as we have gone through weird times, however we managed to stay open, and carry on doing what we love. If you haven’t popped in to our new tattoo studio in Leeds, on King Charles street, pop on to say hi. Keep an eye for daily tattoo updates on this web site. We hope to see you guys soon.

Familia Tattoo- In art we trust

Oil on canvas, traditional paint by Louis Santos

Jumping from digital to traditional paint is what I do from time to time. Exploring different mediums it keeps me interested and keen to learn everyday. In this picture I just finished varnishing with a first layer, I will be adding more layers of varnish, before hanging in the wall of the studio. This painting, it took me around 5-6 layers to complete. When I do a painting I have complete control of it, that’s why it works out 100% all the time, where with a tattoo you are a bit more limited with time, so I’m not in control about people coming back to the studio, and letting me touch up or even sometimes complete the tattoo. With a tattoo sometimes customers are limited with time and money, so I have to try my best, to do the best I can, within that time we have. Where with a paint there’s no limits, I can go back to it, over, and over again. Keep an eye for weekly updates, of our tattoo studio in Leeds city centre.

Rising Phoenix by Louis Santos

Adam wanted a cover-up of a really old tattoo on his back. I like doing cover-ups, i like the challenge of it. However when Adam asked me to do a realistic phoenix tattoo, I got really exited. Phoenixes are a good opportunity for me to really have fun with bright colours and pushing back and forth different values. Thank you Adam for being such a cool dude!

Realism Digital Paint by Louis Santos

Digital art is very practical, you loose some feelings of a traditional painting, however there’s no drying time. We can not wait until this quarantine is over to start tattooing in our studio in Leeds City Centre. In this digital paint, I tried to go for a fantasy art style. She’s a angel warrior, riding a fantasy dragon. Thanks for looking.