Chaos A.D

This is an expression of whats happening to us nowadays. A pandemic like this, was something we used to see in movies and graphic novels. Now, empty streets and isolation is a reality. However i think the world needed this. We were just going round polluting the air, and seeking greed after greed. Maybe justice is about to be made, for those who always cared and helped others. Than those who always sacrificed other peoples lives for what they wanted. Maybe is time to let the world breath, and appreciate and being grateful for the basics, which is being able to eat, breath the air and to love. To live and survive is more important, than all the things we cared about not so long ago. Stay safe, and we hope everyone will get out of this. We hope to see you guys healthy at our studio, and have an awesome time like we used to.

Love, Familia Tattoo

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