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Sometimes, it’s good to remind our clients that, we are an all disposable, private tattoo studio.

All disposable means, our needles and grips are all disposable. A lot of studios use metal grips witch is a cheaper method, however disposable grips are cleaner, as we do not re-use them. Using disposable tubes costs more than metal, but we are happy to use this method, giving our clients a piece of mind with the cleanest tattoo appliance possible.

Being private, also allow us artists to focus on our work, without being distracted with clients walking in and out from the street, and not giving full attention to our client who has an appointment with us that day.

Being private and using disposable tubes, we don’t need to clean metal tubes, however it allow us to have time to Paint and draw, developing as artists, outside our working hours, as you can see on our art gallery. We try to constantly develop as artists outside of tattooing, to create a unique tattoo for our clients.

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Joe Galloway - Custom Tattoo Artist at Familia Tattoo Studio in Leeds
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