Free Hand Skull Tattoo by Louis Santos


Sometimes, free handing a tattoo is possible. Feeling comfort with the client helps, and when they give us artistic freedom, we can just go for it, without worrying too much about what we should, or should not do. When the client is very specific, I prefer to draw on a piece of paper, to make sure there’s no confusions, as free handing a tattoo it’s not as clear, what’s going to happen in the end product. Sometimes I mite change the design slightly to what I drew with the marker. So I would like to thanks Scott for being so awesome, and chilled, tattooing him with a clear mind, helps with a good experience for both of us. Without worrying too much with what I should or should not do. Thanks for a great experience.

About Joe Galloway

Joe Galloway - Custom Tattoo Artist at Familia Tattoo Studio in Leeds
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