Greek Mythology Medusa by Louis

Thanks for looking at our site. In times of lockdown I’m having time to go over my camera and dish out tattoos I have done in the past few weeks. This Tattoo was Johns first tattoo, what a nice lad. I was really happy with his request, as I love Greek Mythology related tattoos. We are gonna be working on Johns full sleeve after the lock down. We are going to be drawing a Poseidon for his bottom half sleeve. This tattoo was very detailed, however John was patient and stuck throughout the process, he went home twice with his tattoo unfinished, and not once questioned anything, as being judgemental while your tattoo is unfinished, is not having faith in your tattoo artist. On large tattoos, only the patient and the ones who have faith, are the ones who get the end result. We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Keep an eye for more updates @familiatattooleeds

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