Healed Phoenix by Louis

Adam needed a cover-up on his back, and I was exited when he said he wanted a phoenix. I was happy to design something just for him, he gave me a lot of freedom with the design. He was very easy going with me, which it made the process really enjoyable, and his good attitude contributed for me to work with a good frame of mind, and no time limit. He didn’t once ask me when we were going to be done, he just let it be, naturally. Working without any pressure, you will get better and faster work done. Sometimes some clients walk in the studio for a consultation, and it feels like they came from the sky, they are lovely to work with, and have some great ideas, it makes me motivated and have faith that more clients like this will come our way. We are now working on a fantasy dragon on Adams arm, that will be on my list of updated tattoos online, so keep an eye open for more updates. Follow me on Instagram@louissantostattoo

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