Joe Galloway’s Art Gallery

13718714_10157206373650385_7728772458296319897_n13220522_10156930915970385_2424656566102473537_ored dragon paiunting done in watercolour by Joe13923597_10157302993720385_9179243445797089261_oleeds tattoo artist12038370_10156189497415385_5101952027799356765_n10407477_10155557514825385_4163863612908743212_n(1)12909437_10156735958155385_7669746014037728743_obeaming bear tattoo design by Joe Galloway12795508_10156630317015385_7963200341357819286_n10986616_10155277228660385_8723767114564512503_nblackandgreytattootraditional    11164618_10155500764650385_5686951366806402925_n10264916_10155167877825385_3139734294123420588_nIMG_240111025753_10155296312305385_5926250096578753768_n




I started really focusing on been creative with my drawings and paintings a few years back. I felt like at the time when i was drawing before I tattooed, it was mainly to progress my drawing and artistic skills, which of course was invaluable for my career as a tattoo artist.

Since starting my tattoo journey, I now have more of the opportunity to be as creative as possible with my tattoos and art work. I believe that been creative is just as important as doing a good solid drawing. Without creativity in a piece, to me the image becomes just another “tattoo“.

I always try put as much thought and time into a piece as possible, by looking at what inspires me to draw and allows my creative input to flow into the piece. I try not to look into what other tattoo artist are currently doing into there pieces in the genre I like, instead I tend to look at images that are completely opposite to what i feel my style is like, or mainly from real life imagery.

I hope you enjoy looking through my designs I do out of tattoo work, If you would like to read more about my work and lifestyle please follow and read my blog –





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