sparrow tattoo by Joe Galloway

sparrow tattoo - ribs


Finished adding a background on a rib tattoo today, a black & grey sparrow tattoo, done over two sessions as the ribs are a difficult spot for the client to sit for a long period of time. I made sure i did the background so the client can extend the piece if he wanted. Thanks for giving me artistic freedom also on this tattoo. My client sat extremely well for both sessions.

Black & grey half sleeve tattoo complete by Louis Santos

A big thanks to Ben webster today, we got to complete his half sleeve black and grey custom tattoo, thank you for a nice day, the tattoo is half healed, half fresh.

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Custom Fantasy Tattoo Design by Louis Santos

Custom Fantasy Tattoo Design by Louis Santos

Custom Fantasy Tattoo Design by Louis Santos

Fantasy illustration, skull warrior, custom designed, I love drawing fantasy style tattoos, its a full sleeve work in progress, really enjoying it, cant wait to upload a picture when we are all done. Thank you

Custom skull tattoo design by Louis Santos


I love doing my own designs before I tattoo them, it’s more gratifying knowing my clients get a custom tattoo design just for them, I think that is the most important thing we can do as custom tattoo artists is to give something original¬†for each client. Thank you