Custom skull tattoo design by Louis Santos


I love doing my own designs before I tattoo them, it’s more gratifying knowing my clients get a custom tattoo design just for them, I think that is the most important thing we can do as custom tattoo artists is to give something original for each client. Thank you

Progression sleeve by Louis Santos

Bio-mech tattoo sleeve started by Louis. Black and grey.

Louis Santos Virgin Mary Chicano sleeve

I’m very happy to get the opportunity to start a chicano sleeve tattoo, and have the chance to incorporate my south american culture on it, i’m not religious myself but i do love religious art, i think its very graceful and full of drama, and i think in art & tattoo that works pretty well.

Black & Grey Religious Tattoo

Black & Grey Religious Tattoo

Religious Full Sleeve Tattoo by Louis Santos

Black & Grey Religious Tattoo

Black & Grey Religious Tattoo – After I did a full sleeve religious tattoo on Ben, he gave me a nice gift, a Marvel comic book, i’m very grateful for having good clients and together we have a good experience while producing the best custom tattoo we possibly can, thank you.