Lemmy flashes the ace of spades in hell


Marie, is one of my old clients who always picks the kind of tattoos I enjoy to do. She’s a dedicated Heavy Metal fan, who is constantly attending festivals and gigs. Very chilled and easy going, she wanted to do a portrait of Lemmy, who recently past away. She wanted to add something to do with the ace of spades, so I had the idea to make his hand like a skeleton and holding the ace of spades. As a lot of portraits of Lemmy have been done lately, I choose to do something a bit different, and I wasn’t so neat on the face as I tried to represent the tattoo after his death. Thank you Marie, you are part of the “Familia” I look forward to tattoo you more Rock and heavy metal related tattoos.

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Joe Galloway - Custom Tattoo Artist at Familia Tattoo Studio in Leeds
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