Full back religious tattoo by Louis Santos


the first session we did it took a whole day of drawing and planning this custom religious back tattoo, he left the studio with just an outline, and he liked when i said the planning would take a full day, im glad i got the opportunity to do this tattoo, its well worth the patience when its complete. Thank you for your dedication, and its been an amazing journey with you.

Gypsy heads tattoo by Louis Santos

Gypsy Head Tattoo by Louis Santos

Gypsy Head Tattoo by Louis Santos

Gypsy head tattoo by Louis Santos

Custom gypsy head tattoo in colour by Louis Santos at Familia tattoo in Leeds city centre

Sketch by Louis Santos

Last drawing of 2014, will be doing that tomorrow, had a great year, thanks to everyone that has been a part of it. Next year im gonna take one day off a week to focus on drawing and painting more, I love tattooing but next year im doing less tattooing and more studying and painting, take a step back, and try to have a bit of a life as well. Happy new year!!!! #tattooleeds #leedstattoo #tattooartistleeds #budha #budhadesign #budhaart #tattooidea #customtattoo #santos #santostattoo #louissantostattoo #leedscustomtattoo #draw #drawing #fun #artwork #customtattooleeds #drawingoftheday #sketchoftheday #sketch #pencil #lovepencil

Rose and Horse Tattoo by Louis Santos

Rose & Horse Custom Tattoo by Louis Santos at Familia Tattoo Studio in Leeds City Centre

Indian head tattoo by Louis Santos

We got to finish this indian head tattoo today, glad to design an indian for Harry as I love drawing indians, its a work in progress as hes gonna be blowing out smoke in his hands. Thank you Harry, always chilled.