Free Hand Roses by Louis

Egyptian God Art by Louis

Japanese Coy Carp by Louis

With this Coy I had a lot of freedom to let loose. James was open to suggestions, and i gathered the opportunity to have fun and express myself a bit. With James trust, it really helped with the outcome of the tattoo. We are currently working on James full sleeve, keep an eye for more updates in this lockdown. I hope everyone is keeping safe, take care guys!

Virgin Mary black and grey Tattoo by Louis

Hey everyone! Sorry we haven’t posted for a while. A lot has been going on with this new lockdown. We are finally back uploading on the website, so keep an eye open for daily updates on this page. That was one one my last pieces before the lockdown. It was Jordan’s first tattoo, he was happy to put the time to it, and it paid off on the end, as we have completed his first tattoo and held sleeve. Thank you Jordan, we are grateful to work work with clients like you. Hope everyone is keeping safe!

Japanese Lamp by Joe Galloway

Buddha working in progress by Louis

Thanks for visiting our site. I’m exited about this sleeve. It’s going to be a sort of heaven on top and hell at the bottom. So at the top, we are having Buddha and flowers around, with a very vibrant vibe, and at the bottom, we are having skulls and a really dark vibe. Life is about balance, and when I can translate that to a tattoo, it gets me exited about the opportunity I have to express such a cool idea. Keep an eye on more updates @familiatattooleeds