My Guardian Angel

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at our site, sorry I haven’t been very active online lately, we have been so busy. Another lockdown on the way, so a lot of art on the way too, I’m gonna have time to finish some of my paintings. On this post I would like to share and comment this digital painting a did of a dream I had. I had a dream about my guardian angel, it was a vivid dream, however it wasn’t easy to try to do a painting based on the dream, however I just went with what I could remember, my own interpretation of it. I do believe we all have a guardian angel. Even if you don’t believe it, just take it this painting as a representation of a dream I had. I love painting from my imagination, it’s more pure and genuine. With this lockdown I’m gonna be updating this site more often, so be sure to follow us on instagram@familiatattooleeds

Thank you

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