New sketch collection on wall @familiatattooleeds

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at our site. We are going to a second lockdown, so we are keeping positive and just making the most of the opportunity to study and live art. We are lucky as artists, as we are never gonna be bored, depending how passionate you are about art, you can always be creative, and being bored is not an option. Throwing ourself in to painting and a drawing is a blessing to get out of this world for a while, so in times of pandemic and lockdown, being an artist is a blessing, to have the opportunity to drive ourselves to another world, and forget about this one for a while.

In this image, I have shared 3 original sketches I have worked on and framed. The first one is a fantasy Angel holding a sword with wings. She has a feel of faith and patience. The second image is a Geisha with a dragon, I’ve always enjoyed mixing Japanese Geishas with dragons, as they are my two favourite Japanese characters. And the last frame is a bit of a crazy fantasy design I did, without worrying too much about it, sometimes is good to just let go, and let it be, without any rules, or judgment, so I would say it’s a judgement free process I went through. Thank you for visiting our site. And good luck with the lockdown. Keep an eye open for updates during lock down. Take care guys

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