Oil on canvas, traditional paint by Louis Santos

Jumping from digital to traditional paint is what I do from time to time. Exploring different mediums it keeps me interested and keen to learn everyday. In this picture I just finished varnishing with a first layer, I will be adding more layers of varnish, before hanging in the wall of the studio. This painting, it took me around 5-6 layers to complete. When I do a painting I have complete control of it, that’s why it works out 100% all the time, where with a tattoo you are a bit more limited with time, so I’m not in control about people coming back to the studio, and letting me touch up or even sometimes complete the tattoo. With a tattoo sometimes customers are limited with time and money, so I have to try my best, to do the best I can, within that time we have. Where with a paint there’s no limits, I can go back to it, over, and over again. Keep an eye for weekly updates, of our tattoo studio in Leeds city centre.

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