Phoenix Tattoo in colour by Louis

I’m currently working on 2 phoenixes, and I really enjoy doing them, as they are so much fun to do. There are multiple ways you can approach a Phoenix, so I don’t think I will ever get bored of doing them. So I get a start idea from my client. When I get the idea of how they want it, I kind of put my own twist to it, to customise it a bit more just for them. Some phoenixes can look like a colourful bird, some of them have loads of flames, as they are a fantasy bird, I believe there’s no rules about it. I’m sure some prefer them as more of a flame shape, and some of them more as a bird shape. Either way I’m happy to do them, this one i did, I would say it’s a bit more feminine feel to it, which I can sometimes activate my feminine artistic side in order to deliver what the client wants. Thank you

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