Realism Humming Bird Tattoo by Louis

Hello, thanks for looking at our site. It has been great at Familia Tattoo. We are blessed with the best clients we could ever wish for, it’s a true blessing, to be able to work with awesome people. With this Humming bird, Ariane was willing to give continuation to her half sleeve. I’m very happy to tattoo her, as she’s so chilled and easy going, I work with a good frame of mind. As she was so cool, I felt comfortable to free hand this humming bird. She’s a fan of colour tattoos, so I’m more than happy to take a colour tattoo request. When the client asks what they want, give me the freedom to work on them, they stick with the process, as every session their tattoo will transform, it’s always an experience to remember. We are on the way of creating more flowers on Ariane’s half sleeve, so I will see you soon Ariane, thank you for being awesome. Be sure to follow us on instagram@familiatattooleeds

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