New Familia Tattoo Logo

Hey everyone, thanks for checking our site. In this post I would like to share our new logo at Familia Tattoo Leeds. New beginnings, new logo. We feel like we need a new logo to represent our new life we will live after the pandemic. This logo has a positive meaning and feel to it. I believe Egyptian culture is the beginning of our civilisation, so that’s where we got the idea from, hope you guys like it, and keep safe. Not far until we can try to take our life back. Thank you

Virgin Mary black and grey Tattoo by Louis

Hey everyone! Sorry we haven’t posted for a while. A lot has been going on with this new lockdown. We are finally back uploading on the website, so keep an eye open for daily updates on this page. That was one one my last pieces before the lockdown. It was Jordan’s first tattoo, he was happy to put the time to it, and it paid off on the end, as we have completed his first tattoo and held sleeve. Thank you Jordan, we are grateful to work work with clients like you. Hope everyone is keeping safe!

Buddha realistic tattoo

Thanks for looking at our site. This Buddha tattoo was done this year, I love doing Buddhas, i feel like I almost attract their piece and calmness while doing them. And about approaching them, there’s so much you can do and create, it’s almost like there’s no limits. Also tattooing Andy is a bonus, he’s such a gentleman, and he just lets the tattoo happen, in a consequence we get a lot of work done, because we are not worried about when’s going to be done, what it is, is what it is. So I work in a good frame of mind with Andy, thank you so much for getting tattooed by me for so many years. Can’t wait to be back at work tomorrow.

Native Indian black and grey pencil drawing by Louis Santos

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our site. In times of lockdown we are faced with a mental and patience challenge, specially for those who love to socialise. For us artists it’s not so bad, as we do have something to throw ourselves to, and scape from the real world. As I’m not in control with what’s going on around us, it’s a blessing to be able to loose myself in to a drawing or a paint. With this drawing, I have tried to achieve an Old Native American Indian. He’s a Tattoo Master, who becomes art with his paint brush in his hand. The engraved tattoo machine in his hat and his tattooed experience face, is also engraved in his soul. The noise of the outside world will not take him away from his artistic journey.

we hope everyone is keeping safe, and be sure to follow us on instagram@familiatattooleeds

Greek Mythology Medusa by Louis

Thanks for looking at our site. In times of lockdown I’m having time to go over my camera and dish out tattoos I have done in the past few weeks. This Tattoo was Johns first tattoo, what a nice lad. I was really happy with his request, as I love Greek Mythology related tattoos. We are gonna be working on Johns full sleeve after the lock down. We are going to be drawing a Poseidon for his bottom half sleeve. This tattoo was very detailed, however John was patient and stuck throughout the process, he went home twice with his tattoo unfinished, and not once questioned anything, as being judgemental while your tattoo is unfinished, is not having faith in your tattoo artist. On large tattoos, only the patient and the ones who have faith, are the ones who get the end result. We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Keep an eye for more updates @familiatattooleeds

Realistic Lion Tattoo and cub reflection

It was Ethan’s first tattoo. Really young kid, but sensible, and willing to spend time on his black and grey piece. We did it all in one session, as the forearm is a very easy area of the body to tattoo, so it flows a lot quicker than another areas. Ethan is beginning his career in football, and I wished all the luck for him, and tried to motivate him and let him know the dedication needed to be on top, if he wants to get to the premier league. I hope he gets there one day. All the best and thank you Ethan.