Realistic Coy Carp by Louis Santos

Tattooing Andy has been a experience to remember. I did his first tattoo on his front, under his chest, which it was a very sensitive area. I was sure to let him know, it was going to be a sensitive area for his first one, and he was happy to go ahead. It was a big dragon, so we agreed to do only half days each session, so the process would take a lot longer than usual. However that was not a worry at all, as Andy is very patient and sticks through the process. So when he asked me for a full sleeve after the dragon, i was confident everything would be ok. I will be posting images of Andy’s full sleeve. Tattooing Andy is a educational experience about life, we have the same ideas and values, so it’s easy to bounce off each other. He already mentioned about getting his other sleeve done, which I’m sure we will have a great time. Thank you Andy

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