Black and Grey Tattoo Halloween by Louis

Adam was a such dream client, so easy going and chilled. He gave me an idea and gave me a lot of freedom to express myself, we had a good laugh in the process, and shared the same interests, maybe all these details contributed to the end result. Thank you Adam!

Oil Painting by Louis Santos

Oil Painting by Louis Santos

oil painting by louis santos

My third oil painting, Red roses with a skull, it was difficult to get a good picture of it. It doesn’t do complete justice of seeing the painting in real life, but as we know photography is not that easy. I am really into painting now, it is my main hobby. I am already working on my next oil painting, this time a little bigger. I have been studying it more, and reading up on it helps a lot studying the different techniques used when painting.

I have lots of artwork available to view both online and in the tattoo studio!

Familia Tattoo Tshirt Giveaway!

Familia Tattoo Tshirt Giveaway

We are giving away some Familia Tattoo T-shirts, if you are interested just drop us an email, and come and collect at the studio. We are working on jumpers next. Keep an eye for Familia Tattoo Merchandises, it is all free of charge. if anyone pop by at the Leeds Tattoo Studio, we are happy to give away a gift bag, even if you not getting tattooed.

Familia Tattoo

sparrow tattoo by Joe Galloway

sparrow tattoo - ribs


Finished adding a background on a rib tattoo today, a black & grey sparrow tattoo, done over two sessions as the ribs are a difficult spot for the client to sit for a long period of time. I made sure i did the background so the client can extend the piece if he wanted. Thanks for giving me artistic freedom also on this tattoo. My client sat extremely well for both sessions.