Sunflower tattoo coverup

Black and grey sunflowers done over two sittings. Also covering up some writing luckily was fine lined. First sitting we got the basics down and free handing some background. I wanted the tattoo to have some natural flow which free hand allows. I used a black of black and grey wash and solids. On the last session we used a solid grey and white giving texture to the sunflowers. I was grateful for my client traveling to Leeds for this tattoo.

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Angel Half Sleeve tattoo by Louis Santos

half sleeve tattoo

Last session on a black and grey half sleeve tattoo. It’s all custom designed by hand, some free hand on the background and doves. Awesome client, very patient and chilled, gave me artistic freedom. After his holiday in July, he will be back for the bottom of his arm to complete a angel/religious full sleeve, thank you.

Gypsy heads tattoo by Louis Santos

Gypsy Head Tattoo by Louis Santos

Gypsy Head Tattoo by Louis Santos

Gypsy head tattoo by Louis Santos

Custom gypsy head tattoo in colour by Louis Santos at Familia tattoo in Leeds city centre

Sketch by Louis Santos

Last drawing of 2014, will be doing that tomorrow, had a great year, thanks to everyone that has been a part of it. Next year im gonna take one day off a week to focus on drawing and painting more, I love tattooing but next year im doing less tattooing and more studying and painting, take a step back, and try to have a bit of a life as well. Happy new year!!!! #tattooleeds #leedstattoo #tattooartistleeds #budha #budhadesign #budhaart #tattooidea #customtattoo #santos #santostattoo #louissantostattoo #leedscustomtattoo #draw #drawing #fun #artwork #customtattooleeds #drawingoftheday #sketchoftheday #sketch #pencil #lovepencil

Indian head tattoo by Louis Santos

We got to finish this indian head tattoo today, glad to design an indian for Harry as I love drawing indians, its a work in progress as hes gonna be blowing out smoke in his hands. Thank you Harry, always chilled.

Progression sleeve by Louis Santos

Bio-mech tattoo sleeve started by Louis. Black and grey.