Marvel Comics Avengers Tattoo by Louis Santos

I’m over the moon, to finally be having the opportunity to do a marvel super-hero sleeve. My passion for super-hero comic books started in the 90’s as a teenager, and nowadays with the technology in movies, all the magic from comics can come to reality on screen. It’s unbelievable sometimes to see stories that I read on comic books, being translated to a movie form. A lot of people who watch super-heroes movies, but don’t really read the comics, do not know that some of the scenes we see in the super-hero movies, are an exact scene extracted from the comics, there’s a video on YouTube that shows it. We have done Thanos so far, next we are doing Iron Man, which really looking forward to it, and then we are doing the father of them all, which is Stan Lee. I would like to thanks Harry for giving me this great opportunity, and being such a gentleman, which it makes the experience even more pleasant. Follow us on instagram@familiatattooleeds