Realistic Eye Tattoo by Louis Santos

I have been tattooing Mark for a few years now, and his son Reece got in touch with me about a realistic eye inside of his arm. It was his first tattoo, and he was just like his dad, really easy going and nice. He said, this is what I want, however I want you put your own twist to it, so there was a lot of artistic freedom is this piece, plus having a laugh in the process, it really helps for a better experience and the outcome of the tattoo. I’m taking a lot of realistic requests at the moment, if you have any realistic tattoo ideas, get in touch with me on what’s app, my number is 07803875713, and I’m happy to look in to your request. Keep an eye for more updates and be sure to follow us on instagram and Facebook @familiatattooleeds

The circle of life by Louis Santos

The most precise way of how the circle of life unfolds is… change, and nothing is forever. This is where I got the idea to approach this realistic sketch. I also love to draw realism to learn more about light, as light is an infinite subject to learn. When I draw realism, I try to not think about me, but think about the character I’m drawing, this way you can feel what you are doing more. Think less and feel more. With this approach the drawing becomes more genuine and heart felt. Pencil is one of my favourite mediums, I love how I can get as many details as possible, without being restricted. We specialise in realism tattoo at Familia Tattoo, so we are happy to look in to your request. Make sure to follow us on Instagram@familiatattooleeds. Thank you

Winston Churchill Digital Portrait by Louis Santos

I have been watching documentaries about World War 2. And i was inspired of how much Churchill’s decision to fight, really affected how we live nowadays, or even how it has an contribution on my existence. So that’s how i was inspired to do this realism digital painting. Thank you