Buddha realistic tattoo

Thanks for looking at our site. This Buddha tattoo was done this year, I love doing Buddhas, i feel like I almost attract their piece and calmness while doing them. And about approaching them, there’s so much you can do and create, it’s almost like there’s no limits. Also tattooing Andy is a bonus, he’s such a gentleman, and he just lets the tattoo happen, in a consequence we get a lot of work done, because we are not worried about when’s going to be done, what it is, is what it is. So I work in a good frame of mind with Andy, thank you so much for getting tattooed by me for so many years. Can’t wait to be back at work tomorrow.

Buddha and Lotus flower colour tattoo by Louis Santos

We had a visit from Rob in the studio the other day. We completed his full sleeve around 2 years ago. He popped in for a tattoo on inside of his arm, we are doing a hamsa palm shaped amulet, with an eye underneath. I can not wait to get this finished, so keep an eye open for updates, and I’m sure Rob’s Hamsa Tattoo will be posted around next month when he gets back. Robs full sleeve has a Buddha as a top half sleeve, which it was a cover-up request, we worked our way from the top half sleeve cover-up, working down with a clear skin half sleeve, with a colourful lotus flower with water around. Rob is a big fan of visiting Ibiza, so that’s where his blue water love comes from. It was such a pleasure tattooing Rob, such an easy going guy, patient and a true gentleman. Looking forward to finish Robs Hamsa and hopefully, we are going to his next arm, for another full sleeve. Thank you for reading