Script Tattoo by Jimmy Scribbles

Jimmy has been working at Familia Tattoo for a few weeks now, we are very happy to have him, he fits in the Familia well. If you are looking for a script writing, he’s a script specialist, so be in touch with us if you are planning a nice script tattoo. Keep an eye for more updates, and be sure to follow our Instagram or Facebook @familiatattooleeds

We would like to welcome our new artist Jimmy Scribbles

We have been in search for a new artist for a while, and believe you me, it’s not that easy to find someone, we were just looking for someone who can apply clean work, and be chilled like me and Joe. We had a meeting with Jimmy in the studio, and we were happy to take him on. We believe he has something to add to the table. He’s a writing specialist, and we look forward to learn from each other. In the end of the day, that’s what tattooing is all about, if one day we stop learning, mite as well quit, Welcome Jimmy, new Familia artist, we look forward to see awesome writing work in the studio.