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We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and personal service, and we encourage our clients to share their experience with us. We like to know what their tattoo means to them, why they chose their tattoo and also why they chose their artist. We also welcome feedback and reviews from our clients because we believe it is reassuring and inspiring to any potential new clients, who may be considering having a tattoo with us.

David Carter, 22nd February 2016

A final fantasy 7 piece in the style that joe does. The game was the first which showed me the beauty of gaming in it storytelling . Joe’s painting and other tattoos were very attractive and in a style which i wanted the final fantasy items. I plan on using Joe to finish off my whole arm with similar themes. Really laid back atmosphere, pretty chilling. I could recommend Joe enough, great tattooist and had an awesome time.

Ronan Peaker, 3rd Janaury 2016

My experience with Joe, and the studio as a whole was great. I was treated as a mate by both artists and they made me feel really comfortable. The studio is a really cool space with sick music videos on all the time, insanely nice coffee and free sweats- all making the experience really cool. I got an owl tattoo which took 2 sessions. I wasn’t expecting the tattoo come out like it did and i wasn’t expecting me to like it as much as i do, and thats all thanks to Joe. I found the studio online and came across Joe on the site.  I do have plans to get more tattoos with Joe as soon as i get a new job and some money together and already have a few ideas for him to mess about with. Thanks again Joe!

Krista Daisy, 5th December 2015

Great experience, really chilled environment and free coffee! nice location in Leeds with easy access. My tattoo is a veguisir, which is a Nordic compass for safe travels. It means so much to me as I am a traveler. Chose the studio and artists because of the high quality of work, and the unique customization that the guys put into their work.

David Jones, 2nd December 2015

Came into inquire about touching up an old tattoo, gave Joe a few ideas and said to free free to design any additions, choose his own shading/blending etc. Was amazed by his art work when he showed me what he’d designed. Was the most comfortable and enjoyable experience, just sit back and leave it all in their hands. Take their advice, they wont leave you disappointed, they’ll just leave you wanting more, which is defiantly what I’m going for the full sleeve instead of half great work by Joe.

Charlotte Corner, 14th August 2015

I had a great time getting tattooed here. I felt very comfortable, had a laugh and even got treated to a smoothie. The tattoo I have is absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t be any happier with it. Joe helped so much and went out of his way to design the perfect tattoo to suit me. Honesty had a cracking time, awesome tattoo and wicked people! would 100% recommend coming here!

 Nick Willmore, 7 July 2015

After the initial booking with Joe he kept in constant contract with me regarding tattoo ideas. On the day everything is clean and sterile, laid back atmosphere. Great tattoo work, professional and time was taken with the tattoo. I had a large cover up with an illustrative tattoo design. Everything came out great. Cant recommend Familia tattoo studio enough! Cheers!

Lilly Loworato, 8th June 2015

I got 2 ginkgo leaves to represent strength and survived exactly one year after a major operation. I chose Joe because I like the style of Japanese tattoos and was to have a tattooist who was an artist too. I had a great experience today, I felt really at ease especially as it was my first tattoo. Thanks!

Liam Roche, 6th June 2015

Louis is a top artist, great work, really impressed with my new tattoo I love it. Definitely recommend

Rachel Smith, 4th June 2015

Joe is awesome! never had tattoo before and he made us feel at ease straight away. We had a moon tattoo on hour feet. Absolutely love it! Joe’s really talented, really cool and friendly. Highly recommend. 5 Star!!  cant wait for my next one.

Cherene Hill, 25th May 2015

Today I had my thigh and should tattoo completed. I always use Louis Santos as my tattooist because he is professional and provides an incredible service. I still travel all the way from Scarborough because I trust his work. His studio always offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. I plan on getting more tattoo’s and will be using Louis’s work for the these. Great job. Many thanks!

Ryan Clark, 24th May 2015

I gave my idea for my tattoo which was a microphone and roses and gave them to Joe who had drawn them up perfectly and i went in to get the outlines done and then the shading on the microphone. I then went back a few weeks later to get my roses shaded in and I’m happy with how my tattoo looks as this was my first tattoo I was a bit nervous about the pain I was going to have through out the tattoo sessions but they didn’t turn out bad at all. I’m also happy with the price Joe charges an hour! I recommended people to book a consultation with Joe to discuss ideas.

Alistair Chipp, 10th April 2015

My tattoo is a lion’s face in a mandala pattern on my forearm. A lion is a symbol of power and the king of the jungle, i want to keep this mentality with me. I am definitely looking to get another tattoo, I certainly want to finish a sleeve and more. Joe’s design was amazing from day one, he knew exactly what I wanted and I told him to put his own style into it which made it look fantastic. Joe has been great and supportive through out the sessions. I am extremely impressed with the work he has done for me and i hope to get many more tattoos from him.

Emma Holdsworth, 3rd April 2015

I’ve had two tattoos done by Joe Galloway. Every time I come to Familia Tattoo studio in Leeds I feel comfortable and relaxed. Joe is a laid back guy with a professional attitude, anything you want he’ll try to meet with his work. If you want to take your mind off the pain or some entertainment Joe will offer to put on a film or some loud music, always putting the customers experience first. Very happy with both my tattoos, Joe is the guy to go to.

Lynsey Wheelhouse, 1st April 2015

I got a moth tattoo done by Joe. Its detailed design he created himself which looks awesome on the skin. The studio has a very calming atmosphere and Joe makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable when you get tattooed. I’ll definitely be going again and would highly recommend him.

Hardeep Bagri, 19th March 2015

A really personal and friendly experience with Joe. I found Familia Tattoo through the internet and decided to get in touch. I would recommend Joe to anyone, he really understands and listens to your ideas and ensures your happy with the tattoo, which I certainly was.

Samantha Wolsey, 18th March 2015

I was first recommended to Louis from a client of mine who’d had some work previously. I had a look at his work on instagram and loved his past work as it was the style I was after. I have a phoenix down my side. Comfortable experiance and would highly recommend.

Dan Conneely, 15th January 2015

I got tattooed by Joe when I messaged him on Instagram after seeing some of his designs online. Joe gave me some sound advice when discussing my original idea and we ended up changing the design to fit in better around my other tattoos. The end result is exactly what I was after, the colours in the tattoo are so vibrant. Apart from being one of the nicest tattoo artists I’ve sat with, he also touched up the design a few months later for free. Thanks Joe!

Sarah Knight, 24th November 2014

I choose to have a tattoo in remembrance to my gran who passed away last year, she was an amazing women, who meant the world to me. The tattoo design is one of my grans quotes sayings. Joe was a great artist, and designed my tattoo just the way i liked it. Very good experience, definitely be coming back to get Joe again. This tattoo is my favorite and will always mean a lot to me. Thank you Joe.

Debbie Hay, 23rd November 2014

Today I had an African elephant head tattoo on my wrist, the shading is done with dot work and i love how they form the shape of the elephants face, i couldn’t be more happier with the result of the tattoo.

Emma Andrews, 3rd November 2014

Roman numerals to remember someone close. I read about tattoo artists in Leeds on the Internet before hand. Will definitely be having more tattoos, would highly recommend Joe Galloway to others. It was my first time tattoo and i was extremely comfortable, over 100% experience.

Michael Bridle, Familia tattoo review, 5th November 2014

I had a traditional heart tattoo with my grandads slippers inside. I chose Joe because ive known him for a few years and know how amazing he is at drawing, and i really liked all the previous work he has done. Really enjoyed my experience today Joe kept stopping if i was ever in too much pain. Im really happy with the finished result and standard of it, wasn’t rushed took his time with all.

Rosie Hutchinson, Familia tattoo review, 16th October 2014


“Joe was very good, he really took care and paid good attention to detail. This was my first tattoo but I am very please with it and will definitely be coming back for more!”

Matthew, Familia tattoo review, 2nd August 2014

“Today was my first tattoo with Louis, but it definitely wont be the last! I came in for a consultation and he immediately got the concept and idea behind my tattoo. He drew a design which was perfect for the area of my body (calf) and he encompassed everything that I wanted into the design. I found him to be very thorough and professional with both the design and the tattoo and I can’t recommend him highly enough. I have had some good tattoo’s in the past…. but this is the best. Thanks!”

Pete, Familia tattoo review, 29th July 2014

“I have seen Louis for a few years now, he’s not just a tattooist but an incredible artist, hence why I love being tattooed by him. The shop is cool and also has really good customer care by Kristi sorting out my appointments”

Tania, Familia tattoo review, 23rd July 2014

“Today I had a shark tattoo on my lower leg. I first saw these designs by Joe a few years ago and have always liked them, so when Joe started tattooing I knew I had to get one. We talked about exactly what I wanted and Joe came up with a personal design. The studio has a great vibe, very relaxed, comfortable and friendly. I would use it again for future tattoo’s and would recommend to everyone. Everything was clean and they provided good after care information”

Franki, Familia tattoo review, 22nd July 2014

“My tattoo is a Gemini design, incorporating two female faces. It represents the strengths and weakness’ in my personality, and how they all balance to make me and mold my personality. I found Louis by searching Leeds Tattoo Artists on Google. I have many plans for my future tattoo’s and will definitely come back here for some of them. The studio has a really relaxing environment making it a positive experience”

Rhiannon, Familia tattoo review, 22nd July 2014

Today I had a Maneki Neko, which has significant meaning as it was customized to add elements of my cat which passed away a few years ago. Joe is a fantastic tattoo artist and he goes out of his way to make sure you are happy with the piece, and he is very passionate about his work. I will definitely be coming back to add more to my leg piece! Great atmosphere, very chilled and welcoming.

Lauren, Familia tattoo review, 21st July 2014

“My tattoo is a snowflake. Joe was recommended to me by my husband, I have plans to get two more tattoo’s and I would definitely return here. I love the fact that Joe made amendments and made sure I was completely happy prior to starting any work”

Holly, Familia tattoo review, 18th July 2014

“My tattoo’s are by Louis. On my arm I wanted classic tattoo’s but with a modern twist and Louis helped me with all of these designs. On my chest my tattoo relates to my travels in Thailand”

Daniel, Familia tattoo review, 9th July 2014

“I have been following Joe as an artist for a long time, and watching him progress with his work has really made me want to get tattooed by him. I have always been a fan of Japanese art and knew it was one of Joe’s strengths so I was happy for him to tattoo me. The studio has a great vibe and is always warm and welcoming”

Matt, Familia tattoo review, 9th July 2014

“I chose Louis as my artist in 2011 and I have not looked back since. Louis knows my style, he’s comfortable to work with, so no reason to change. Very happy customer!”

James, Familia tattoo review, 7th July 2014

“Wow! Very relaxed and comfortable environment. I love my new tattoo and pleased with the overall work. Cheers!”

Shari, Familia tattoo review, 5th July 2014

“I have seen Joe’s art work progress over the years and I have been waiting for him to start tattooing. I am really pleased with his work and looking forward to getting more done. I love how he is putting his own twist on the traditional style and really coming into his own”

Richards,Familia tattoo review, 4th July 2014

“My tattoo’s are religious design and symbolize myself and my beliefs. I chose my artist by looking at their portfolios. I plan to have more tattoo’s in the future. My experience at Leeds Custom Tattoo with Joe was great. He is patient with his designs and always listens to what his clients want. Although he is a new, up and coming artist, his work doesn’t show it”

Jerry, Familia Tattoo Review, 2nd July 2014

“Louis has done some previous tattoo’s for myself, my partner, my sibling and her partner and they have all been fantastic! I am looking forward to my new tattoo today, a Geisha on my arm. I cant wait to see the final result. It’s been exactly two years since my last tattoo with Louis and I hope not to wait too long until the next time!”

Sarah, Familia Tattoo Review, 23rd July 2014

“I’ve had a wonderful day being tattooed by Joe, who I have known for many years. Today I had a shark tattooed on my leg, which I absolutely love! The studio is private, welcoming and friendly. I would recommend to friends and family. Thanks guys!”

Kate,Familia Tattoo Review, 23rd June 2014

“My tattoo is a Japanese Koi Carp. I am so happy with the service I received whilst having my tattoo with Joe and I will be recommending him to others”

Luke,Familia Tattoo Review, 21st June 2014

“A friend of mine has been coming here for the past couple of years and was really pleased with his results. So when I told him I wanted to get a new tattoo, Louis was my first choice, no doubt. My tattoo will be a bird on the chest area, with the skyline of New York coming down my arm along with some back ground and a phrase in writing. Just from the drawings Louis did I knew it would be exactly as I imagined. I already have plans for another new tattoo.

Effie, Familia Tattoo Review, 21st June 2014

“My tattoo today was a skull with leaves surrounding it. Joe is an awesome artist and he has a great portfolio as a new and upcoming tattoo artist. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The overall atmosphere of the studio is amazing and upbeat. Will definitely be back for more! Thank you!”

Jade, Familia Tattoo Review, 20th June 2014

“I am getting a Dream Catcher Tattoo because it fits in with the theme of my current half sleeve which Louis has designed. The Dream Catcher is about only allowing good dreams past, and I also have a Day of The Dead tattoo which is about remembering those who have passed, so I think the two go really well together. Louis is a great custom tattoo artist, who I found years ago when he worked at another shop. I went there to inquire about my first tattoo and Louis work stood out amongst that of the others, so there was no doubt in my mind about choosing him for my tattoo. All of his work is custom and incredibly detailed and the studio has a great chilled vibe”

Connor,Familia Tattoo Review, 20th June 2014

“My tattoo is a Maori design. Louis is an excellent artist, really cool guy and into gaming and football too so automatically a legend! Louis takes his time and he obviously loves tattooing. I am planning on having a few more tattoo’s in the future and I wont hesitate to come back. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else”

Matt, Familia Tattoo Review, 18th June 2014

“My tattoo is a portrait of Joey Jordison, the drummer from Slipknot. Louis cares, he is a dedicated artist and I will not go anywhere else for my tattoo’s”

Lazaro, Familia Tattoo Review, 16th June 2014

“I came in with the intention of getting a religious sleeve, but I didn’t have any more specific idea in mind. Louis then introduced me to another style called “Chicano” and I thought it was amazing. He had some really great ideas and my tattoo has turned out amazing”

Brad, Familia Tattoo Review, 14th June 2014

“My tattoo is an Old Skool Rose. I really love my tattoo from Joe. The studio has a great relaxing environment. I will definitely be returning”

Charlotte, Familia Tattoo Review, 14th June 2014

“Nice studio, very very friendly and a comfortable environment. I knew about both artists through a friend. I didn’t have a tattoo in mind but I asked Joe to draw me something “dark” and he did an awesome skull piece for me. Cant say a bad thing about the experience!”

Harriett, Familia Tattoo Review, 13th June 2014

“I always have a good experience from the minute I walk into the shop. Warm friendly welcome and you are instantly made to feel comfortable. Joe is the apprentice at the shop and this was my first tattoo with him. I didn’t give Joe much of an idea of what I wanted, yet I was more than happy with the design he did for me, which was a traditional / old skool Blue Bird. He is a really good artist and he is doing really well with his designs and his tattoo’s. I have already recommended him to a friend and would recommend him to anyone. Really clean, lovely shop with a great atmosphere and level of comfort, with two awesome artists. What more could you want?”

Lauren, Familia Tattoo Review, 13th June 2014

“My tattoo is a large skull with a Tibetan pattern behind it, and it is to cover up an old tattoo, I chose Louis to do this for me after seeing his work. I also like the patterns and significance of the Sugar Skulls”

Gavin, Familia Tattoo Review, 11th June 2014

“My tattoo is a day of the dead pin up girl. The studio has a comfortable environment with friendly people. Most of my tattoo was drawn free hand on to my ribs by Louis, and this gave me the confidence that I had a good artist”

Lucy, Familia Tattoo Review, 11th June 2014

“My tattoo is a Maneki-Neko (waving Japenese cat) it was chosen by Joe to fit in with my other animal theme tattoo’s. It was an enjoyable experience, pretty painless and with a friendly atmosphere”

Jodie, Familia Tattoo Review, 10th June 2014

“I’ve been going to Louis for my tattoo’s for four years now. He is an excellent artist and always makes you feel really welcome. It’s impossible to have a bad experience. I first came to Louis for a small rose tattoo on my foot and I knew straight away I would be going back. My first tattoo was by a cheap artist and I wasn’t happy with it and Louis covered and re worked that piece for me and it’s brilliant to be able to go to an artist you can trust. All his work is fantastic, I am constantly being asked about my pieces and I would highly recommend him to anyone”

Lauren, Familia Tattoo Review, 10th June 2014

“My tattoo is a unique design incorporating things that matter to me. I wanted something pretty and different to what anyone else has. Louis listened and understood what I wanted and matched my ideas with his own. Louis is always friendly and professional and an excellent artist”

Nicola, Familia Tattoo Review, 9th June 2014

“I had a tattoo of a beautiful rose done by Joe, which turned out perfectly. The lining and the shading are very accurate and I am very pleased with the end result. Joe made the experience relaxed for me with a lovely attitude”

Katie, Familia Tattoo Review, 7th June 2014

“I am in the process of having a full sleeve inspired by comic books. Louis was recommended to me by my sister who had work done by him in the past. I plan to start with a sleeve on the opposite arm when this one is finished. I enjoyed my experience today, it has a relaxed atmosphere with friendly and professional people. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get any work done after experiencing the professional quality at Louis Santos Tattoo”

Cameron, Familia Tattoo Review, 6th June 2014

“My tattoo is a mandala with a Rebel Alliance (Star Wars) symbol in the middle. I wanted a somewhat feminine star wars tattoo. Its a nice studio to spend the day in, and its hard to believe that Joe is an apprentice as he is very professional. I am really happy with the result”

Katie, Familia Tattoo Review, 5th June 2014

“My tattoo is a compass surrounded by two paths, some birds and some roses, and there is also a cut anchor at the bottom symbolizing my belief that nothing can hold me back and whichever path I choose, it is down to me and will always lead me to good things. It also has the phrase ‘I am the captain of my fate, I am the master of my soul’

This is my third time with Louis, he was recommended by a friend of mine. He is a cool guy and a great artist, I can recommend him to anyone.”

James,Familia Tattoo Review, 2nd June 2014

“I was introduced to Joe through a friend and loved his style straight away. He’s a nice guy who is passionate about his work. He always explains what he is doing and is wiling to listen to his clients needs. I cant recommend this young, talented artist enough”

Steve, Familia Tattoo Review, 31st May 2014

“My tattoo is a Dragon Skull. Joe is a really awesome guy, friendly and talented. I got a dragon tattoo because of my love for Japenese style. I chose my artist because he is excellent at this specific style. I hope to get tattooed again by Joe soon! Overall a great experience”

James, Familia Tattoo Review, 30th May 2014

“My tattoo is a fantasy dragon sleeve. I found Louis by searching ‘fantasy artist Leeds’ on Google.

If you are looking for a relaxed but professional artist / studio then Louis Santos Tattoo is the place to go in Leeds. Especially for a first tattoo”

Mike, Familia Tattoo Review, 30th May 2014

“My tattoo is of some Graphic Flowers. I knew of Louis when he worked somewhere else and saw his work on another website. Instantly, I thought here is someone who I could trust to do what I wanted, but also to advise me what would be best. What I found fascinating was how he drew on my arm and after a full session I had all the outline done on my half sleeve. My tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean anything personal to me, but I would only consider Louis or someone of his caliber to do another one on the future. I have at least two more in mind, and would probably allow more creative freedom for those tattoo’s. Louis is someone who you can rely on not only from an artistic perspective, but he really listens to his clients as well.”

Carl, Familia Tattoo Review, 28th May 2014

“The experience was fantastic and I found it relaxing! I was so impressed with how the tattoo turned out, it was better than I ever thought. My tattoo has Flamenco and Spanish aspects in it as I am a flamenco musician.

Louis takes pride in his work and listens to what ideas you have, it isn’t just one sided”

Mark, Familia Tattoo Review, 21st May 2014

“My tattoo is my youngest sons eye and his name. It is special to me as it is not just a random eye. I chose Louis to do this tattoo as he has done my previous tattoo’s that I think they are great. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. I would definitely keep coming back to Louis if I decide to get more tattoos”

Andrew, Familia Tattoo Review, 20th May 2014

“My tattoo is a pocket watch and doves. Louis is a very good artist, would recommend him to anyone”

Anthony, Familia Tattoo Review, 19th May 2014

“I was introduced to Louis via a friend, I had decided I wanted a new tattoo for my 40th birthday after 20 years since my previous tattoo’s. My tattoo’s are fantasy or horror based, many of them free handed. Todays dragon is being added to finish my lower leg, a battle between a warlock and a skeletal warrior. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of both the artist and the environment, plus the music!”

Marie,Familia Tattoo Review, 19th May 2014

“My tattoo is a Sun and Moon in a Tibetan design. Fabulous few days, fun and tranquil atmosphere. Louis is an extremely talented artist. I will cherish my tattoo’s and will definitely be coming back again”

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