black & grey tattoo – progression sleeve by Joe

Joe Galloway РBlack & Grey Tattoo Sleeve Progression

black & grey tattoo

Black & Grey Tattoo РSleeve progression. Started this as a cover up at the top then worked our way down adding pieces that Dave had asked for. Some areas of the tattoo are still healing so slightly scabby in some parts. We will be adding more when he returns to the UK. Keeping it all black & grey mainly themed around his family. More about this Tattoo

Familia Tattoo Tshirt Giveaway!

Familia Tattoo Tshirt Giveaway

We are giving away some Familia Tattoo T-shirts, if you are interested just drop us an email, and come and collect at the studio. We are working on jumpers next. Keep an eye for Familia Tattoo Merchandises, it is all free of charge. if anyone pop by at the Leeds Tattoo Studio, we are happy to give away a gift bag, even if you not getting tattooed.

Familia Tattoo

Familia Tattoo Nerd Week

Familia Tattoo Nerd Week

Familia Tattoo Nerd Week

It is with pleasure, that Louis Santos and Joe Galloway present, The “Familia Tattoo Nerd Week”. We are going to spend a whole week tattooing video game characters and Comic super-heroes or villains.

As we know how far computer games have developed nowadays, we fell like its a way to inspire us artistically. As our childhood was spent mostly playing computer games, and reading comic books, we felt it was a good way to translate to tattooing, an art form that we spent most of our childhood admiring.

We would like to invite you all who like computer games or comic heroes to participate in this week of celebration of an art form, that nowadays have become even more successful than movies.

Dates to be announced in November.

Familia Tattoo Studio Leeds

Familia tattoo blog page!

Familia Tattoo Studio LeedsWe now have our own Familia tattoo blog page, we will be using this to update in more detail whats going on in the studio such as traveling, studio progression, and tattoo work.

Both Louis and Joe will be blogging into more detail about the tattoo work and what makes them strive to getting better as an artist and tattooing.

Click here to visit our new Familia Tattoo blog page. Thanks

Flamenco tattoo – half sleeve by Louis Santos


Flamenco half sleeve, full colour. It was a long process, specially as he was very specific about what he wanted, so the drawing process was quiet long. But in the end he was really happy with it. His idea was pretty good, he was very dedicated and he knew what he wanted. In the end we were both happy with it. He was a pretty cool guy, we had a good time in the process. I love doing colour pieces, Thank you

Day of the dead tattoo by Louis Santos

day of the dead tattoo

day of the dead tattoo

Its always a pleasure having Martin at the studio, he is really willing to put time and dedication in to his tattoo, it will be eventually a day of the dead tattoo – full sleeve, he likes the south American style, that’s why he chose a day of the dead full sleeve tattoo. I still enjoy doing them, as a lot of them is been done in the past few years, i still like custom designing them. I would like to Thanks Martin for his dedication and patience on the progress of his sleeve.