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We are Familia Tattoo. We have been really grateful for having such good clients, sticking through the process, specially on big tattoo’s. There is no better feeling, when the tattoo is done after long sessions, loads of sweat, and dedication from both sides, client and artist.

The tattoo is all healed, and the client comes back for a picture, it is a feeling of achievement and success, and that feeling of gratitude is priceless. As we respect the clients dedication and loyalty. At the same time they have a piece of art on their body for the rest of their life, makes all worth the patience. As we try to educate our clients that a piece of art takes time, so patience and faith is one of the keys what makes a successful tattoo. We could not Thank you enough for being dedicated clients and we appreciate all the support on this short period of time we have been known as “Familia Tattoo”. We are now waiting for a few pieces to heal, so soon we are gonna be posting new tattoo’s healed. Keep an eye for more new posts, we are gonna try to keep up with posting what we are working on! Thank you.


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About Joe Galloway

Joe Galloway - Custom Tattoo Artist at Familia Tattoo Studio in Leeds
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