We are re-opening on December 4th

Hello folks. We are re-opening the studio on December 4th. However, as we had to close the studio last month, we had to book all our clients from last month to this month. So we are open for consultations only, for getting a tattoo, it would have to be around Jan-Feb, this time of the year is not the busiest for us. As when we approach around March and May, we get really busy, and we could be booked up for 3 months sometimes. We understand not everyone wants to wait fo their tattoo, however, the reason why we have a waiting list, is because we try to take care of each client, each day, and treat them like a human being, and not like a piece of paper. We only do one or 2 tattoos per day maximum, but we have time to interact with the clients, and make them a drink, and give them a good experience. We believe next year we will go back in to lockdown again, I believe today this lockdown is over, and some people will think the virus is over. And around Christmas a lot of people are not going to care, and we can see another lockdown coming in our way next year. I know we are facing weird times, I’m just glad I’m an artist, and I can put my head down and forget about the world for a while, and that’s a blessing. Thank you for reading, and keep safe.

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