Mermaid Tattoo by Louis

Gemma needed a cover-up doing, she requested a mermaid, witch I was very happy to do a fantasy tattoo. She told me at first she wasn’t patient, but I explained that in order to have a good tattoo you must have patience and have faith in the process. Anyhow, she did it, and I’m so proud of her, thank you Gemma, I had a great experience.

Day of the dead by Louis

I still love doing day of the deads, I know they have been done for a while now, but that won’t stop me to enjoy doing them, it’s really fun, without worrying about looking like a certain person. Adam wants a Halloween half sleeve, happy days! Look forward to each session!

Oil Painting by Louis Santos

Oil Painting by Louis Santos

oil painting by louis santos

My third oil painting, Red roses with a skull, it was difficult to get a good picture of it. It doesn’t do complete justice of seeing the painting in real life, but as we know photography is not that easy. I am really into painting now, it is my main hobby. I am already working on my next oil painting, this time a little bigger. I have been studying it more, and reading up on it helps a lot studying the different techniques used when painting.

I have lots of artwork available to view both online and in the tattoo studio!

Flamenco tattoo – half sleeve by Louis Santos


Flamenco half sleeve, full colour. It was a long process, specially as he was very specific about what he wanted, so the drawing process was quiet long. But in the end he was really happy with it. His idea was pretty good, he was very dedicated and he knew what he wanted. In the end we were both happy with it. He was a pretty cool guy, we had a good time in the process. I love doing colour pieces, Thank you

Day of the dead tattoo by Louis Santos

day of the dead tattoo

day of the dead tattoo

Its always a pleasure having Martin at the studio, he is really willing to put time and dedication in to his tattoo, it will be eventually a day of the dead tattoo – full sleeve, he likes the south American style, that’s why he chose a day of the dead full sleeve tattoo. I still enjoy doing them, as a lot of them is been done in the past few years, i still like custom designing them. I would like to Thanks Martin for his dedication and patience on the progress of his sleeve.

Chicano Tattoo by Louis Santos

Chicano Half Sleeve Tattoo Leeds

It’s such a pleasure to tattoo some of my South American culture , The Chicano tattoo style has evolved so much over the years, chicano style started with south American prisoners evolving to a beautiful form of art now explored in the tattoo world, I love to be able to do this kind of tattoo, thank you.